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Valuing a property - the role of energy certification

There are many ways to value a home. Some methods are quite immediate (and even obvious) to those who are thinking of carrying out such task. As there are more technical aspects that need to be taken into account, the conventional methods usually get forgotten about.

There are some aspects that can increase the value of a home and immediately appeal to those who want to value the house. These include comfort and luxury in the form of wardrobes, swimming pools, gardens, and storage rooms, the presence of spacious, airy rooms with good sun exposure, or an attractive interior decoration. Other aspects, such as the inclusion of appliances that consume less energy; the use of efficient and cost-effective heating methods and the installation of technologies can all be overlooked by homeowners.

When we mention technology, we mean a very specific kind of technology, commonly known as environmental technology. This is generally in keeping with the way in which some buildings promote the improvement of their energy efficiency, thereby contributing to a more protected environment and, at the same time, to lower electricity consumption.

The value of homes is very much related to their energy efficiency. That is precisely why energy certification is increasingly playing a key role in buying or selling a home.
With this idea in mind, a new national campaign has recently been launched by the Energy Agency (ADENE) and reaffirms the idea that "to certify is to value".

This phrase, which serves as a motto for the awareness campaign, aims to draw the attention of the Portuguese people to the importance of obtaining an energy certificate for their properties.

Manuel Bóia, the administrator of this company, has stressed that in order to determine the energy certification of a dwelling, it is first necessary to have an energy certificate. From this, as the administrator of ADENE says, there are several implications, including the comfort of the occupants, their health and also the family's household budget, with a clear reduction in energy consumption.

Obtaining energy certification is a measure that ADENE considers necessary in order to take action to improve the efficiency of the property. Implementing this habit would, therefore, be a way of valuing any building.

Energy certificates are an important document for any building, and today, the energy efficiency of a building can be integrated into one of the eight classifications, in a predefined alphabetical rating starting with "very efficient" - classified as A + - and progressing to "poorly efficient" - equivalent to the F rating. This type of classification comes from the assessment of several factors in a property, including the insulation of its doors and windows, its ventilation, the water heating systems and, of course, the impact of all these elements on the energy consumption of the building.

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Based on the document that makes up the energy certificate, it becomes possible to carry out a detailed diagnosis of the property's performance and as a result, one will know about its energy consumption. Through the results presented by this evaluation, the improvements are (almost) always possible.

There is a dedicated section on the report that explains about the personalised ways on how every property can improve its efficiency and encourage energy savings in order to value the building in terms of comfort and wellbeing for its residents.

As a result of ADENE's campaign, it is expected that more and more Portuguese people will seek energy certification in order to save money on their monthly utility bills. This also ensures that their homes are sold at fairer prices. In addition, this campaign will also make it increasingly important for the buyer to ensure that he / she buys the most energy-efficient home.

The energy certificate is managed by ADENE and can be obtained from independent and qualified professionals. These people are experts in the fields of engineering, technical engineering and architecture and they are globally known as "Qualified Experts". Upon applying for the certification - which can be done online - they will carry out the evaluation of the property and decide on its energy rating.

Those looking for ways to value their home so that they can get the best asking price will have all the advantages of using this type of professional to obtain the energy certificate of their property. Along with other aspects, improving the energy efficiency of the home will enhance its value at the time of its sale. In addition, the search for the best professionals who can offer personalised advice will also be a way to know what steps to take to value your property. You can, for example, count on the expertise and experience of Engel & Völkers to help you through this process.

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