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Visiting Portugal: The top 20 perfect and (almost) unknown destinations

When browsing through Portugal's top destinations, it will not be difficult to find fabulous places to visit from north to south of the country. Among the best known destinations and those that are hidden in the lusitanian meanders, there is no shortage of options that will make even the most demanding travellers ecstatic.

Although the most touristic places are not to be overlooked, where the heritage interest is linked to the most exuberant landscapes and historical scenes; the truth is that when we visit a country, there is always the desire to see what is hidden from the inattentive glances in those places that, by chance or luck, are (almost) unknown.

Much of Portugal's best is still almost a secret. But since the most truly beautiful places must be shared, we invite you to join us and get to know the top 20 destinations that are less known and absolutely not to be missed.

1. Portas de Ródão
Although not very touristy, this destination in Serra das Talhadas counts on the number of natural monuments it has on offer. Its geological construction created by Tejo River rises 45 metres up in the direction of the sky.

2. Quinta de Villar d'Allen
Outside the itineraries of Porto, this 18th-century farmhouse will invite the most romantic to stroll through the gardens, delighting in the heady environment

3. Underground ruins
Also in Porto it will be worth looking for the historical vestiges revealed by the construction of the Porto Metro. One of these findings, Arca de Água de Mijavelhas, is in the subway station of Campo 24 de Agosto.

4. Cava de Viriato
In Viseu you will find this fortress from Christian origin in the 10th century. Despite its historical value, it is a small touristy place and goes unnoticed by most people.

5. Pedra da Ferida

Next to Penela, in Serra do Espinhal, one can find Pedra da Ferida. This is a waterfall that used to be a watermill. Nowadays, nature has reoccupied the space and creates a telluric scenery with an emotional intensity that will lead to ecstasy for lovers of the natural world.

- grutas_de_mira_d_aire_6_by_rodrigomonteiro-d7zjoc5.jpg

Photo: Grutas de Mira de Aire

6. Dinosaurs' footprints
Lovers of the Jurassic world will have to see the dinosaurs' footprints by visiting Lourinhã. The new theme park will also be an excellent option.

7. Fraga da Pena
In Serra do Açor, another little known place is Fraga da Pena. Immerse yourself in the icy waters of this waterfall located next to the beautiful villages of Arganil and Pardieiros.

8. Mira de Aire Caves
In Porto de Mós, hidden from the most inattentive glances, these caves have 683 steps inside the rocks and promise to greet with limestone rooms, stalactites and lakes.

9. Salinas do Samouco
In Lisbon's Alcochete, there are the Salinas do Samouco. A place of refuge for several species of birds, this place will enchant the nature lovers.

10. Fraga Amarela
In Miranda do Douro you will find this natural site, where ocher and yellowish tones ascend to the sky. A place that lives in local legends and hearts.

- Forte de São João Baptista (Peniche) 1.jpg

Photo: Berlengas

11. Santa Eufémia
In São Pedro de Sintra, in Greater Lisbon, you will find the church and Santa Eufémia. A place where you can see one of the most beautiful local panoramas that are almost unknown.

12. Convent of Santa Cruz
In Buçaco you will find the Carmelitas convent. With an intense beauty, this site is still one of the less known places that's worth visiting.

13. Samoqueira Beach
In Porto Covo you will find this small beach, where a cave will give place to true dreams of pirate adventure. Despite its natural beauty, this is not one of the most well-known sites in the region.

14. Lady of the Good Star
In Serra da Estrela, hidden from the most inattentive looks, is an image of Our Lady carved in the rock. A beautiful place and worth a visit.

15. Berlengas
A few kilometres away from Lisbon, in Peniche, you will find boats that connect to these islands. It is worth visiting them and seeing the most beautiful beaches in a natural surrounding.

- DSC02355.JPG

Photo: Cascata do Pego do Inferno

16. Adega Mayor
In Campo Maior, from the hands of Siza Vieira the Adega Mayor is created - a true tribute to the Portuguese wine.

17. Palmela mills
When visiting the Natural Park of Arrábida, do not forget to see the mills. This pedestrian trail will be a surprise at every step.

18. Ocean Revival
In the Algarve, in Portimão, there is an underwater park that lovers of history will love, inviting you to plunge into the depths of the ocean and get to know more about history.

19. Paço Ducal
In Vila Viçosa you will find the marble-clad facade of Paço. This will be a surprise for lovers of architecture and is a landmark of the Portuguese tradition.

20. Cascada of Pego do Inferno
In Algarve's Tavira, you will find this beautiful and unknown cascade. Its 3 metres stand out above the green tonality of the waters.

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