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France is the country of love, romance and art. It is a country with many facets and is one of the most visited countries in the world. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean,the English Channel and Mediterranean Sea, France is the only country in Europe with four climate zones. The country offers a great natural diversity with the ocean and golden beaches, mountains for skiing, green hills and forests with alot of vineyards, as well as lakes and rivers.

Talking about countries, it is not possible to imagine Germany without breweries, Switzerland without clocks and chocolate, and France is unthinkable without wine. Bordeaux, Burgundy, Loire Valley, Rhone Valley, the South of France, Champagne and Alsace are famous regions with a large number of vineyards that produce the most exclusive French wines. Numerous restaurants, cafes and bakeries offer the famous French cuisine.

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This country offers a great cultural programme, starting from Paris with the Palace Museum of the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the palace and park complex of Versailles, the Notre-Dame Cathedral, ending by the azure coast of the Mediterranean Sea with the largest number of sunny days in France. There you can spend an unforgettable time on the beach, try the local cuisine, take a walk near the coast and enjoy the warm Mediterranean water.

When buying an apartment, house, flat or villa in France and making it your "second home", you will receive the possibility of permanently staying in your own cozy home.

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France is one of the most stable countries when it comes to investment in real estate.Real estate prices do not depend on the processes taking place in the external economy and are therefore less prone to crisis. Real estate prices increase about 8% per year, which reflects a positive return on investment. Although the laws are very strict in France, the registration process for the necessary documents when buying a property does not last longer than 3 months. All properties are insured against natural disasters and catastrophes, which gives more confidence for investing in real estate.

Big cities like Paris, where you can buy or rent apartments, flats and houses, show a great demand for investment. Paris offers a great range of exclusive real estate in the most beautiful and sought-after areas. The price of housing is mostly dependent on the location and the prestige of the area.

It is also very popular and profitable to invest money in real estate in Côte d'Azur's Mediterranean coast. The Mediterranean coast is very attractive with villas and apartments on the beach, offering you the possibility of relaxing beautiful sandy beaches, as well as a large return on investment.

The Côted'Azur is a good example of profitable investment, where you can buy the most exclusive and expensive real estate in France. In the last 5 years, property prices in Saint Tropez increased by 46%, underling the great perspective of possible return on invested capital. Also ideal for investments are Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Eze, Beaulieu-Sur-Mer, Villefranche and Cap d'Ai.

It is necessary to pay attention to the French Alps, which are a very popular destination among depositors. The French Alps stretch from the Côte d'Azur up to the border of Italy, and are famous for their snow-capped mountain peaks, as well as the beauty of the crystal-clear lakes. They are ideal for skiing and numerous water sports.

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Do you want to buy a house or villa by the sea, or you are interested in a luxury apartment in the heart of Paris?  Are you looking for a second residence or holiday home in the country?

If you are interested in buying or renting an apartment, house, flat or villa in the centre of France, or on the Mediterranean coast, our real estate agency, Engel & Völkers, has a large portfolio of properties in different parts of France.

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