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Sales skills 101: the importance of enthusiasm

"Enthusiasm is the sparkle in your eyes, the swing in your gait. The grip of your hand, the irresistible surge of will and energy to execute your ideas," proclaimed the celebrated American business magnate Henry Ford. Put into these immortal words, its power is clear.

- Sales skills 101: the importance of enthusiasm

Ford's words don't just speak to the importance of enthusiasm though, they also highlight the way in which it emanates from us. Your clients and customers will see your sparkling eyes and notice your swinging gait – that's what makes it one of the most vital sales skills. Here's how real estate agents can utilise it to their advantage.

Set the tone

Enthusiasm is about much more than the words you speak; it filters through your entire demeanour when you're speaking with clients. Research by UCLA professor, Albert Mehrabian, suggests that the words we speak account for as little as 7% of our communication. 

Of the remaining 93%, a considerable amount is left up to your tone of voice. When it comes to sales skills, adopting a positive and authoritative tone can put you on the front foot with your clients.

Project your emotions

Projecting an enthusiastic personality isn't just about making a good pitch. More specifically, you can use your own demeanour to have an overwhelming impact on your client's mood. An upbeat attitude will filter into their decision making and could well influence the possibility of making a sale.

This most advanced of sales skills is known in the world of psychology as mirroring. It's well documented that people have a tendency to assume the traits of those in their company. Top real estate agents make use of this psychological phenomenon as one of their primary selling skills.

Build rapport

To get the most from your enthusiasm, think about how you combine it with your other salesperson skills. Building rapport should be at the top of your list, as a good relationship is an essential foundation for almost every sales technique.

Think of it like this: your clients are more likely to feed off your emotions if they have faith in you. Just seeing that you're excited about a property may not be enough if your clients don't value your judgement. Take the time to build up trust with well-researched facts and figures, helpful suggestions and a tailored approach, then ramp up your enthusiasm to bring prospective buyers on board.

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