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Five nursery must-haves for your new arrival

When you're expecting a baby, your home needs to go through radical changes in preparation for this new arrival. Away from the safety checks your property needs to undergo, decorating the nursery is one of the most exciting and creative aspects of these interior design alterations. Before you begin deciding on the colour scheme, here are five nursery must-haves that need to take centre-stage in your prenatal preparations.

1) A bed

The cot is a central feature in your baby's early months, so its vital you settle on the right design for both your room's dimensions and your little one's needs. As young children grow quickly, invest in a cot with alterable side and mattress heights that you can easily move as they begin to sit up and stand. The bed can also form the centrepiece of your nursery's furniture scheme: if you choose an oak finish, you can then find a matching antique rocker and wardrobe to complete the rustic aesthetic of the room.

2) A monitor

When your newborn is slumbering away, you'll want a device that allows you to hear any disturbances wherever you are in the house. One of the most practical nursery ideas to incorporate into your designs is a modern monitoring system. These range from simple table-top sets to high-tech options that feature different modes – vibrate, audio and light-only – and even monitor room temperature, supply a video stream or play a lullaby in your absence. Make sure to consider important aspects like signal range, charging time and battery life when choosing the right model to fit the scale of your property.

3) A nightlight

Nightlights aren't just for helpful for children: while they provide a comforting light for your little one, they also allow you and your partner to check on your child without turning on a bright overhead or lamp. If you're centring your nursery décor ideas around a theme, you can pick a light to match: teddy bear shapes are a classic choice, while gently rotating fairytale options might help a little prince or princess drift off to sleep. Make sure the one you choose casts a warm orange or golden light as these hues won't keep your baby awake.

4) A comfort zone

Your nursery interior can help establish calm and regular feeding patterns and even imprint a good feeding experience on mum and baby. A large and cushioned chair is a practical addition for late-night feeding sessions and as a place where both parents can spend quality time with the newborn. A chair that gently rocks is a helpful nursery addition to lull the baby, or perhaps have a rocking crib or moses basket within arm’s reach.

5) Storage

Babies need plenty of toys, bibs, nappies and all sorts of essentials on hand, which means your nursery must-haves need to include ample storage options. Wicker or felt boxes and baskets help to keep the room tidy and also fit with natural and warm nursery interiors, especially if you've kept the walls neutral with a coat of cream or butter yellow paint.

Before the grand nursery ideas get underway, you may even consider upsizing to somewhere that will fit your expanding family. If so, take a look at our range of properties with spacious interiors, perfect for housing your nursery.

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