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Make your own tea at home with these tea blend recipes

When the temperature drops and the trees transform from verdant shades of green to rich autumnal hues of gold, there’s nothing quite like cosying up indoors with a warming cup of tea, a fire and a good book. The time is coming to prepare your home for autumn. Create the perfect nook for sipping your tea by lavishing your most comfortable sofa with plush cashmere throws and plenty of extra pillows. The season is all about getting cosy at home, creating your own sanctuary from the chill outdoors. 

- Make your own tea at home with these tea blend recipes

In order for you to enjoy this time of the year we listed some aromas and herbs typical for fall teas. Learn how to make your own fragrant tea with these simple suggestions. You can also use these ingredients for scented pillows or candles to create the perfect fall atmosphere in your home. 

Mood-boosting fall tea ingredients

The tempting aroma of cinnamon, clove and star anise wafts out of bakeries in the autumn months due to their use in apple tarts and loaves of pumpkin bread. You can adapt these same seasonal flavours in tea blend recipes, but they offer much more than just a spicy taste. Many autumnal herbs and spices exhibit medicinal or mood-lifting properties, making them ideal for your fall tea.


If there could be a single flavour of the season, it would be cinnamon. This rugged bark gives way to a sweet, spicy taste that pairs elegantly with floral tea blends. It lifts the spirits on dreary evenings and also offers curative properties as an added bonus to help prevent colds.

Pumpkin seeds 

Pumpkin lovers can incorporate the squash’s high mineral content and rich flavour into autumn tea. Make your own tea at home by adding roasted seeds to your blend for toasted seasonal accents as well as vitamin E, zinc, manganese and other nutrients.

Star anise

Spicy, sweet and exotic all at once, dried anise is a common component of tea blend recipes due to its adaptability. It lends a peppery edge to floral tea blends, while protecting the throat and soothing coughs.


While black tea serves as a base for many autumn tea blend recipes, another option is to use rooibos. This caffeine-free herb stems from a South African shrub, prized for its anti-inflammatory properties and pleasant taste. It’s rich in antioxidants, containing up to 50 times more than green tea, and is low in tannins yet high in Vitamin C. With an attractive red hue, rooibos contains notes of vanilla which make it the perfect foil for autumnal spice blends.

Oat straw

Lend your tea a light, earthy aroma with the addition of oatstraw. It gives gentle underlying notes to spicy accents of star anise and cinnamon, making it a natural fit for herbal blends. Oatstraw is a soothing tonic that helps to strengthen your immune system during the colder months, while calming moods and balancing energy stores.

Autumn tea recipe: Orange Vanilla Rooibos

The following recipe is adapted from Learningherbs.com. Make your own tea by bringing out Rooibos’s natural vanilla flavours with the addition of cinnamon and citrus.


1 cup rooibos tea

0.5 cups finely chopped vanilla

Handful of oven-dried orange slices

1 tablespoon cinnamon chips

Brew by steeping one tablespoon of this tea blend for every eight ounces of water. Cover and steep for up to five minutes, before straining and savouring.


Make it a night in and enjoy this cosy season!

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