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Protect your garden against unwanted guests…the green way

You plant your own vegetables and at dinners the entire family feasts on your freshly grown produce. But all of a sudden a few uninvited guests eat all of your garden produce before you can harvest. How do you get rid of garden pests without using pesticides and toxins?


This article gives advice on how to protect your garden against insect plagues – through natural methods.

  • Tidy up

Good garden hygiene can prevent plagues forming in the first place. Some insects can even over winter in your garden in overgrown areas or areas strewn with garden rubble.

  • Break the Cycle

After a crop has been finished – remove the plant remnants and cut in pieces before adding it to your compost heap. This will help to break the life cycle for certain plant-specific pests.

  • Remove weak plants from your beds

They might be infected already, or otherwise they might lure possible pests.

  • Your own 2 hands

This probably sounds old-fashioned, but it is still one of the best methods. While working in the garden – pick snails off from your plants.

Pick snails from your garden

Pick snails from your garden

  • Cover up young plants

Light-weight shade netting can protect certain crops from pests. Remove the netting when the plants start to flower so that the pollinators can reach the flowers.

  • Feathered friends

A chicken or duck will feast on all of your garden problems. There is even an opinion among garden veterans that ducks are a gardener’s best weapon against snails. And they apparently make for entertaining gardening time.

  • Wild friends

Wild birds can also assist to keep pests at bay – create feeding stations for the birds in your garden to lure them.

  • Broken egg shells strewn around plants

There should be enough shell-rubble to hinder the snails from moving towards your plants.

  • Make your own

Mix a table spoon cooking oil with a few drops of soap (dish washing soap will work fine) in a liter of water. Use a spray bottle to spray your plants from top to bottom and again from bottom to top. The oil helps to suffocate the soft-bodied insects.

  • More mixes to try

Mix cayenne pepper with a drop of soap in water. Shake well and spray on your plants.

For fungus (and insects) try ½ teaspoon cooking oil, 1 teaspoon baking soda and a few drops of soap in 2 litres of water.

Make your own mix to protect your garden from pests

Make your own mix to protect your garden from pests

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