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Interior Trend: Chill out decoration

The pace of our lives has increased rapidly over the past few decades, making it even more important to create a calming recreational space within the home. This has been reflected in the rise of chill out décor: expansive windows highlighting panoramic vistas, natural shades of deep green and warm brown, low-level coffee tables and sumptuously soft furnishings, transforming rooms into personal retreats.

With some simple amendments to your home's décor, it's easy to recreate this trend and develop a meditative space in your property.

Interior Trend: Chill out decorationEarthy colour schemes

Elemental shades are among the most instinctively calming palettes to decorate your home with, echoing nature's own colour scheme and signifying peacefulness. Soft sandstone hues blend well with plummy autumnal reds and elegant creams, while seaweed greens are complemented by pebble grey and bright, clean white. Muted browns add a welcoming touch of warmth during the evening, and are particularly effective when juxtaposed with lighter shades to draw the eye into the comforting space.

Natural light

The mood-enhancing properties of sunshine are well-documented, keeping our circadian rhythms synchronised with night and day, and boosting feelings of energy and optimism. Consequently, it's understandable that natural light features so prominently in chill out décor, with floor-to-ceiling windows easing the transition between outdoor and indoor spaces, and reflective surfaces maximising the impact of sunlight.

Modern touches

Glass-topped coffee tables, angular shapes and contemporary chaise lounges can maintain a sense of purity and simplicity, whilst innovative storage options keep everyday utilitarian possessions out of sight. Ornamental touches help to still the mind by providing focal points; these may include fresh foliage, antiquarian book collections or modernist sculptures. Placing several pieces in the garden carries the minimalist theme throughout the property, establishing a harmonious aesthetic. 

Complementing textures

The interplay between hard and soft is one of the central components of the chill out interior trend, with sheer glass windows and hardwood floors complemented by plush sofas, plump pillows and opulent rugs. The idea is to maintain clean, symmetrical lines and a sense of open space whilst maximising warmth and comfort with luxurious materials.

Symmetrical pairings

Disorganisation is the antithesis of calm, making symmetry the key to building it. To develop this, you may wish to mark an entry point in your garden with a pair of identical stone statues, or place two large plants either side of a floor-to-ceiling window to create an optical framing device. You can also achieve symmetry through colours, perhaps by painting opposing walls in the same shade, or by selecting cashmere throws for the sofas in a hue that matches your walls.

Water features

The hushed murmuring of moving water provides another sensory cue for relaxation, both in and outside the home. Spaces with high ceilings are a suitable setting for unusual glass-boxed water walls; position leafy ferns in ceramic pots nearby to mirror their organic inspiration. In the garden, spherical or cubic granite fountains are an ideal alternative to traditionally ornate ones, with their more simplistic design promoting a restful feeling.

To discover a wide array of luxury homes featuring this calming interior trend, contact Engel & Völkers today. Our experienced agents have all the necessary expertise to assist you in your property search.

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