EVFinance is a boutique Mortgage Origination Specialist. Our team of consultants are standing by to help take all the uncertainty out of your property search. Know exactly what you can afford.Understand how much room you have to negotiate. Be in charge and show the Seller you mean business. Using a mortgage originator makes plain financial sense. By submitting a bond application to all the banks simultaneously through an originator, your chances of receiving a lower Interest Rate is 60% better.​

Contact one of our consultants right away and get a personal or joint [1] Affordability Assessment, [2] Credit Check or [3] Pre-Qualification Certificate before you start your search. We will guide you through the process, collect all your FICA doc's and Proof/Source of Funds and ensure the Seller, agent and attorneys take your offer seriously. 

We are committed to provide you with the smoothest,most efficient path to home ownership. 

 South Africa
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 South Africa
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1st Floor Needwood House, Broadacres Shopping Centre, Cedar Avenue, Fourways, 2055  
Tel. +27(0)11 465 0410    

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  • 1st Floor, Needwood House, Broadacres Shopping Centre, Cedar Avenue, Fourways, Johannesburg
    2055 South Africa
    South Africa