What does sustainability mean to us?

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Climate change, social fairness and a framework for society to get along are topics that do not just have to do with politics. Companies also have a responsibility to do their part for a society that is fit for the future.We are convinced that a clear sustainability strategy does not just help to protect the environment and raise social standards, but aids the company itself. For this reason, we as both an employer and asset manager are developing processes that are designed to take sustainability risks into account and mitigate them.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals defined by the UN serve as our guiding principles. We aim to incorporate the environmental, social and governance criteria into our actions and decision-making to the best of our ability.

Di Caro

Luana di Caro

ESG commissioner


Ecological sustainability as the most important aspect steering the planet

We take the Green Deal and the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the UN very seriously when making decisions on our actions. We place particular emphasis on goal 11: “Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”. As an asset manager in the real estate sector, this is a main focus of our activities. The largest share of global CO2 emissions is as a result of electricity and heat generation. For this reason, we see it as our responsibility to create property portfolios that contribute to a sustainable future. At the fund level, we pay particular attention to the efficient use of energy, water and other resources in our property investments. For new buildings, a modern and higher-price standard in accordance with the Green Building concept is important to us.

We value:

●      Establishment of environmental aspects in our investment decisions

●      Checking that environmental regulations are adhered to

●      Ecological improvement measures to reduce CO2 emissions in purchased real estate

●      Transparency and exchange of knowledge

However, the idea of sustainability is also integrated in our company’s everyday activities. For example, our water dispenser consumes less CO2 than conventional bottled water. In addition, we also actively promote the use of alternative modes of transport such as bicycles by creating bicycle parking spaces, public transport and e-mobility.

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