Extraordinary bathroom sink ideas for your home

The secret to giving a property a luxury label lies in making the ordinary extraordinary. Grand architecture, luxurious materials and bespoke furniture may take all the plaudits, but it's the smaller details that prove transformative in the end.

Extraordinary bathroom sink ideas for your home

That's where innovative bathroom sink ideas are both subtle and revolutionary. Turning your bathroom sink into a playful and creative design not only impresses your guests, but it also could add a whole new luxury dimension to one of the most important rooms in the house (for luxury real estate, that is). From switching your sink faucets to altering the material of the basin itself, here are some exciting and modern ideas to elevate your basin.

Waterfall sinks

When it comes to interesting bathroom sink ideas, waterfall faucets have been leading the way for years now. But that's not to say their cache has run dry. Cascading features are now adapting to become a part of the sinks themselves. Tiered bowl designs create separate areas for water to collect, with a clear route for the water determined by the 'lie of the land'.

Hidden faucets

It's true that sink faucets offer a chance to get creative with your bathroom design, but not always in the way you might imagine. One way to personalise your bathroom sink is to hide the faucets altogether. The water flow can be easily controlled using a discreet pedal, allowing both hot and cold water to cascade from a point in the the wall or from the cabinet above.

Glass bottoms

We talk endlessly about adding water features to gardens and terraces, so why not make the natural beauty of water a focal point in your bathroom too? One easy way to do this is to introduce reflections and dazzling lights into your design.

This is where glass-bottomed bathroom sink ideas are best put to use. Casting light in any direction through the basin will result in a dappled shadow effect as the water collects and moves in the bottom of the sink, creating calming aquatic patterns.

Clever placement

Incorporating ingenious bathroom sink ideas into your home is as much about placement as the materials used. Make the most of a stunning bathroom window view with a well-placed sink below the sill, or with a large reflective mirror providing a clear view of the cityscape, rolling hills or ocean.

Free form basins

Many modern bathroom sink ideas are moving away from contemporary block shapes and towards a more natural inspiration: water itself.

Free form basins mirror the behaviour of flowing water using uneven lines, swirling shapes and one-of-a-kind contours. The final flourish is given to these bathroom sinks through the use of transparent materials like perspex or glass, which can then be lightly tinted with oceanic hues of green and blue.

If you are looking for more inspiration on bathroom design, please have a look at our article about free-standing bathtubs.

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