Bedroom design: three easy ways to improve your quality of sleep

If you're not getting your much-needed seven to eight hours of shut-eye per night, it might be down to your interior décor. Your daily energy levels are more connected to your immediate living environment than you think, especially if your bedroom is preventing you from getting enough sleep each night. Here are our life hacks for redesigning your bedroom to improve your quality of sleep.

Bedroom design: three easy ways to improve your quality of sleep

1. Keep it quiet

This may sound basic, but it's a vital step to improving your quality of sleep. Even the slightest changes in background tones, from cars or charging electrical items, can interrupt your slumber or keep you awake. If you find that your bedroom is overlooking a busy main road, or if your bedroom wall is shared by a loud neighbour, it might be time to try sleeping in a different room

Next, try to locate where any noises might come from and address each origin: if you still have a lot of noise entering from the outside, invest in double glazing and thick curtains, or if you have pervasive electrical sounds in your room, remove any tvs or phones. It can also help to relocate your bed so it rests against an external wall instead, so it isn't shared by a neighbour or with a family member's room.

2. Keep it comfortable

Comfort is an obvious consideration for your bedroom, but there are a few integral elements to our day-to-day equilibrium that we forget when designing our living spaces. One of these elements is temperature. Try turning down your heating in your room and invest in a luxurious duvet with a high tog rating. For those hot, summer nights, adding an AC unit can help to keep you cool and improve your quality of sleep. Leaving a window open or opting for windows with inbuilt grates can help you both stay cool and provide you with fresh air while you sleep.

3. Keep it spartan

When you first put together your ideal bedroom design, it can be tempting to choose all of the latest entertainment and convenience appliances, such as a flatscreen smart TV, a sound system or hand-held control systems. These may be rewarding when you're awake, but they aren't there to improve your quality of sleep. Screens emit a blue light, which is proven to stimulate our brains and prevent us from drifting off. Remove these items from your bedroom and keep your sleeping area clear, quiet and gadget-free to prevent any lights or sounds disturbing your slumber.

This goes for distracting clutter too, as surrounding yourself with bright and stimulating objects can make your mind too active just when you're trying to clear your thoughts. Regularly tidy and de-clutter your bedroom and invest in some smart storage spaces to prevent clothes, books or accessories from piling up in your sleeping area.

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