Once you’ve decorated your house it doesn’t become a static artwork. Your home is a vibrant, changing space which can be brought to life with holiday decorations to celebrate the turn of the seasons. Throughout the year you can express your creativity through your holiday home décor.


People across the globe celebrate around the Christmas holidays, and even if you don’t get involved in the festivities, mid-winter is a lovely time to make your home cosy and sparkling. The Christmas Tree is the classic decoration, with many families getting excited for a large tree complete with glittering holiday decorations taking centre stage in their living space. 

Holiday home décor can spread outside too, with a homemade wreath of seasonal greenery and some lights on the front porch or sprinkled over the trees in the garden. Inside there’s really no limit to Christmas holiday home décor these days, with everything from festive table settings to themed cushions and fake snow.


Whether or not you take part in the festival of Easter, you can decorate your home to celebrate spring. Fill your living spaces with spring flowers and change plush, winter cushion covers and throws for lighter materials and pastel colours to lighten up the room. You could adorn your mantle piece with an Easter display, featuring a wreath of flowers, a nest and some painted eggs.

For the Easter table, swap out wintry candles for a seasonal centrepiece featuring flowers, chicks and eggs. Why not have an Easter tree as your seasonal decoration? Place fresh spring branches with buds or blossoms in a vase with some verdant foliage, and adorn them with colourful chocolates for people to nibble for an Easter version of the beloved Christmas tree.


Halloween’s not just for kids. Get in the spirit in your neighbourhood by adding a spooky figure to your front garden or adorning your windows with faux cobwebs and lighting your garden path with flickering lanterns. Indoors, strew the cobwebs throughout your home and pop creepy-looking creatures, model rats and ghastly eyeballs on surfaces around your home. You could even have a faux-severed hand poking through your letterbox. Give your dining table a touch of spooky fun with orange and black napkins, paper plates and cups for a party – you could name your dishes things like ‘jelly eyeballs’ and ‘human tongues’ too.

Other celebrations

There are many more times of year you could celebrate, going all-out with holiday decorations or with just a little nod to the season. Depending on where you live and your religion, you could have seasonal decorations for Diwali, Thanksgiving, harvest, summer solstice, bonfire night, new year and many, many more. When moving to a new home, it’s always fun to find out which events your neighbourhood celebrates so you can feel involved right away.

In this category you’ll find articles on holiday decorations, indoors and outdoors, to get in the spirit and boost curb appeal through all seasons.

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