Dried flowers as a home staging alternative - fascinating and versatile

Are you also one of those people who, when thinking of dried flowers, immediately associates them with the dusty bouquets in your grandparents' flat, which you already found dreadful as a child? Then you are not alone. However, dried flowers have been given a new lease of life! And - assuredly - it's worth taking a look at the new idea behind the current decoration trend.

Hamburg - Dried flowers as a home staging alternative - fascinating and versatile

The power of plants

Flowers have an almost magical attraction for people. Who doesn't have that one, very special, "favourite flower"? The doctrine of signatures has explored this phenomenon and attributes certain signatures to individual plants. This means that conclusions are drawn about their characteristics and often also their healing powers on the basis of their external appearance.

A dried flower can preserve a touch of summer for us, or give us strength through its unique signature - now, isn't that a lovely idea?

The inherent advantages

Dried flowers actually have advantages over their fresh counterparts. They don't need water, which can be a big advantage, especially for people who are very busy at work and travel a lot. There is no need to look for a flower sitter and you don't have to repot them all the time.

Another factor is sustainability. They last for many years and there is no unnecessary packaging waste. The carbon footprint is also impressive, because when dried, the plant is given a second life, so to speak.

An advantage that should not be overlooked: Even someone who is not particularly green-thumbed can become a true decor champ with the low-maintenance dried version.

Impress with decor versatility

So how can your interior be enhanced with the dried flowers decoration trend? Perhaps they are not as outdated and old-fashioned after all? Dried flowers are versatile. They can add to a living trend that stands for cosiness and homeliness by spreading a natural flair and a warm atmosphere.

Grasses are particularly suitable for this purpose; pampas grass has become a favoured classic. It has a long stem and is best placed in a large floor vase in the corner of a room, next to the sofa or in front of the window.

Adding other, larger plants to the mix makes the grasses look a little more exciting. This could be reed leaves or eucalyptus. The arrangement of different shades of green will fit harmoniously into an interior whose colour scheme follows the natural and earthy tones.

In addition to the gentle blending of tones, dried flowers can also be used to create a modern, almost rock-style atmosphere. In this way, tasteful single flowers in narrow, tall vases can become eye-catchers when used in combination with prominent objets d'art or pictures.

Single flowers or composed grasses always look good on your coffee table, sideboards or the fireplace. The rule of thumb: The more stylish the vase, the fresher and more elegant they look. Voluminous bouquets look particularly good in bulbous, opulent vases. If you so wish, you can use them to add a little vintage glamour to your four walls. If you find the look a little too "dry", you can also mix it up with some fresh specimens.

Buy ready-made or dry them yourself?

You don't have to rely on your florist's creativity for your dried flowers. With hardly any effort at all, you can dry the most beautiful specimens from your own garden. Bunched bouquets can simply be hung upside down to dry, preferably in the sun. Once they are dry, it is advisable to avoid direct sunlight, as this quickly fades the colours and makes them brittle.

Some cut flowers can also be dried slowly in the vase. These include hydrangeas or roses. The individual flowers then usually droop their heads, but this can also have its own special charm. It is not only single flowers and bouquets that can be showcased, wreaths are also suitable for dry arrangements. If they are not too exposed to wind and rain, they can also decorate walls or doors on the outside of your home.

Our tip: Dried and pressed, the blossom of your favourite flower can also be a beautiful decorative element in a picture frame on the wall. Engaging with and surrounding oneself with plants and flowers is maybe above all a relaxing activity in this stay-at-home time, which can contribute to peace and serenity.

With good reason, dried flowers are experiencing their revival in times where the emphasis is on sustainability. And there are no limits to the imagination when it comes to decoration. From boho to modern, from timeless to avant-garde, dried flowers can be used to complement a wide range of interior design tastes.

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