Interior design trends for 2022

For many, the cherished traditions of the New Year include a time of contemplation and reflection, but we also like to feel optimistic and energised by the many opportunities that the New Year holds in store for us. 

As experience has shown, this also applies to developments in interior design trends. As the year begins, let's take a closer look at the latest interior trends for 2022.

Hamburg - Interior design trends for 2022

What will drive interior design trends in 2022? 

Trends and preferences don't just suddenly appear out of nowhere. Rather, they are formed in the hearts and minds of people, and these in turn are influenced and shaped by private, social and global experiences and developments. 

This paves the way emotionally for the way we live and feel this year. For we all have been through two turbulent and challenging years, which shape the new and, above all, also what endures.

In fact, trends are no longer about being hip for the moment and just rolling along. We have developed a finer sense of what is good for us and what we really want to surround ourselves with in our home.

We don't want any hard cuts, more than ever we want to hold on to what is familiar. It seems we want to hold on to what feels good and coherent within our own four walls. And therefore also within ourselves. It doesn't mean boredom or indifference to innovation, but rather a softening of the boundaries between what used to be clearly defined styles. Without pushing one out for another.

Themes and topics that are here to stay

What are the main interior design trend themes in 2022? A deep desire for connectedness with nature. Soothing earth tones remain the preferred colours of choice. As well as vibrant greens and blues that resonate directly with us, envelop us and energise us. 

Science helps us to understand what underlying needs these represent. Colour schemes and natural materials help to reduce stress, even lower heart rate and blood pressure. The forces of nature - never have we been so aware of them and appreciated and needed them so much.

Our favourite colours boost creativity, which in these times when many of us are working from home translates into more productivity and, consequently, increased satisfaction with what we have achieved. 

The interior design trends of 2022 want to take this one step further. The predictions go in the direction of forest and jungle-inspired colour tones. Used in combination with wood tones, stones with a striking texture and the ever-popular rattan, bamboo or, more recently, cork.

Changing lifestyles and the associated colours - Pantone's Very Peri

Our lives have been subjected to permanent, previously unheard-of changes in recent years due to the pandemic. We long for hope and optimism. And this is precisely what the grandiose palette of landscape colours delivers. So why not also take inspiration from the sky?

Its luminosity is clear and positive, without ever seeming cold and draining. The tone of the sky can be harmoniously combined with all natural tones and its airiness can lend a special touch to any room.

This is exactly where the inspiring colour forge Pantone comes in with its colour of the year 2022: "Very Peri" succeeds in fusing all of this together. Modern life, the desire for permanence and the dynamics of the virtual world. Very Peri and its colour palette is a bold presence that nurtures us.

Terracotta, a colour synonymous with the South, is set to continue its rise in popularity. No other tone is as grounded, being at the same time hopeful and with a special appeal. Its strong, trusting character radiates to the surrounding interior and the overall feel of the home.

The future of biophilia 

Biophilia - defined as the love of living things - remains an almost collective desire that wants to be realised with ever-more sophistication.

This aspiration is implemented in modern conservatories. We are all familiar with the trend of extending our living spaces to the outdoors, with contemporary conservatories now making it possible to bring the outdoors inside.

Small indoor greenhouses provide the space to grow your own plants. This allows us to surround ourselves with Mediterranean trees in large pots that exude their flair and fragrances. All the senses want to be stimulated, and so minimalist but decorative fragrance accessories are given a new lease of life. 

Home textiles and modern wallpapers likewise will bear natural patterns with floral and leaf motifs that support the desired close-to-nature feeling.

What will influence interior product choices in 2022: sensory design, gentle curves and vintage

Individuality to the point of uniqueness combined with sensory stimulation and comfort. This is what we will look for and find in the furnishings we choose to surround ourselves with.

Ranging from smart home conveniences to the decorative ornaments we find at antique markets or fine vintage shops. The boundaries are blurred, the shapes are organic, the accents are curved. The sofa has rounded edges and the lighting is implemented with statement lamps in sculptural designs.

Their interplay succeeds in creating a relaxed and homely feeling when entering the rooms.

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