Marble furniture: The renaissance of an ancient style

You too will have stood in awe, marvelling at a bathroom finished entirely in marble. Marble often has a calming effect. Marble is like a solid rock facing the tides, a stone that lasts. There’s something very noble and timeless about it. How fitting, then, that marble furniture has become a trend in furniture again in recent years. You too can create stylish accents when furnishing your home with new furniture accessories.

Marble furniture

The origin of marble furniture accessories  

Marble, a naturally occurring stone, has been hewn out of rock with great effort for over 2000 years and turned into true gems by talented designers. Marble furniture was as popular in Ancient Greece as it was in Ancient Rome where it was used in the Pantheon. Marble can be divided into many different colours, structures and grades of hardness. Coloured marble can often be found in baths, floors and wall panels, creating a special, elegant look. Michelangelo’s David was sculpted out of very popular, pure white Carrara marble.

An extremely versatile material

Due to the material’s crystalline structure, marble furniture can seem both turbulent and fine and soft at the same time. Modern technologies such as computer-guided CNC milling also make it possible to conceptualise furniture accessories out of marble which fit different furnishing styles. This is where the material gets its marked versatility.

Furniture Trend Marble

Marble furniture wasn’t particularly sought-after for a long time. Many people think of ostentatious decadence when they see marble furniture; it was often used for opulently tiled bank foyers. The use of marble in fine ashtrays and for grave stones also didn’t help its image. But in recent years, it has experienced a definite turnaround.

Since 2015, marble furniture and accessories have been considered modern and stylish once again, particularly in combination with copper, brass and wood. In interior design, this is due not least to the marble print furnishing trend. Meanwhile, thanks to the print’s optical illusions, almost anything can be turned into soft marble: lamps, tables and even bed linen.

Furnishing with marble

If this new furniture trend seems a little too opulent, you can also opt for subtle marble accents instead. Due to modern processing methods, there is a large variety of marble design objects by this point. Benjamin Hubert from London has, for example, designed marble lampshades. This works because the material is translucent up to a thickness of seven millimetres. “One of our principal approaches, perhaps, is shaped by our desire to work with static, old and romantic materials in this fast-paced age”, says Bjoern Berger, designer at Supergrau. “The opulence of the material stands in contrast to the minimalism of the design. This creates really interesting objects.” Marble furniture is therefore perfectly suited to the popular and current Scandinavian minimalist design trend.

You’ll find the right property for your marble furniture and accessories

Are you still missing that dream property, furnished with fine marble furniture, or one which you could embellish with your individual style using marble furniture and accessories? Then take a look at our website. Engel & Völkers is represented in 32 countries worldwide. So there’s guaranteed to be something for every taste.

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