Tips for spending the winter in your own four walls

Autumn has arrived and with it an understanding that this year we will spend even more time at home than usual over the winter months. If this idea upsets or even depresses you, think about what you can do to make the dark season a little brighter and more enjoyable.

What is it that we miss most in these uncomfortable months? In winter we often long for sun, light and warmth and the opportunity to be outside and enjoy nature with all our senses. Because we know that it helps us to relax and leave the stress of everyday life behind. So why not try to integrate these aspects into our work and leisure activities at home?

Hamburg - We can do a lot to ensure that the winter at home is not long and dark. We have some helpful tips. Read more in our blog.

Natural light

Light is essential for our body to stay energetic during the often-grey days of winter. This is because our body produces more of the sleep hormone melatonin when it’s dark. So, in order to maintain the structure of our day, light, especially daylight, is indispensable.

There is also a known correlation between light intensity and the amount of the “feel-good” hormone serotonin. Good lighting in our home is a natural way to help us maintain high energy levels and a sense of well-being. There are smart solutions on the market that can wake us up early in the morning with a stimulating combination of sound and light to ensure a pleasant start to the day and keep us going throughout the day. This does not mean that the room should be as "bright" as possible, but that a special atmosphere is created by using lighting that is suited to the function of the room.

Fresh air

Light and air are essential for keeping energy levels high. Open the windows wide at regular intervals, cross-ventilating if possible, to let in plenty of fresh air and oxygen. A small tip from us: A permanent tilting of the windows in combination with heating does not have the same effect and in humid months can cause mould to grow in the surrounding brickwork due to condensation from the heated room air.

Should outdoor activities fall away in the evenings due to it getting dark early, you don't have to give up sports activities in the fresh air altogether. Be flexible and extend your lunch break to get that extra bit of daylight! And when the sun occasionally breaks through the dark clouds, a spontaneous stroll can help to take your mind off things.

Favourite colours, sensations and projects

The goal is not only to experience your own four walls as a pleasant place of retreat, but also to really enjoy your time at home, whether you are working in the home office or just relaxing.

The way to achieve a feeling of well-being at home is to surround yourself with favourite colours and objects and to appeal to the senses by creating a pleasant ambience and using room fragrances. Make sure there are fresh flowers on the table. To relax on the inside, it is often helpful to create a harmonious and orderly atmosphere on the outside as well. Rearranging the furniture and redecorating is fun, because engaging in activities and new projects helps to maintain a positive attitude.

And if, despite all your effort and dedication, you still don't feel good, why not consider relocating? Selling a property and looking for something new can create a sense of anticipation and a whole new attitude towards life! Have you ever experienced a virtual property tour?

Personal growth and development

A long winter can also be a time for change. You don't necessarily have to trick nature and literally turn night into day. This can also be seen and used as a time of personal development and growth.

Wrapped in a warm blanket, sitting with the family in the evening around a fire in the garden, looking at the starry sky together and making plans. Or reading a good book in front of an open fireside in the living room with a hot cocoa and immersing yourself in other worlds: only winter can give us these very special pleasures.

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