Effortless kitchen designs to elevate your home

It’s often stated that a man’s home is his castle, but according to celebrity chef Mario Batali, "the kitchen really is the castle itself. This is where we spend our happiest moments and where we find the joy of being a family". Indeed, a kitchen today is more than a mere space for cookery and crockery; it’s the social hub of any property.

The most important room

Whether your household consists of a single, couple, or multi-generational family, the kitchen is where you gather with friends and loved ones to share stories and prepare meals. Unlike a sedate sitting room, it’s a whirlwind of activity that provides a feast for the senses with the aroma of freshly snipped herbs and the sounds of sizzling oil.

Today’s best designs combine show-stopping architecture with cutting-edge technology, making them a natural focal point for any home remodelling project. Sleek appliances, breakfast nooks, and abundant storage spaces are attractive to today’s buyers. This is why it’s often recommended that if you take the time to remodel just one room, you should make it the kitchen. As well as improving your home lifestyle, this will typically add 4.6 percent onto the value of your property.

Styles to spare

While glossy marble slabs and reflective stainless steel may dominate property listings at the moment, there’s a vast range of kitchen decoration styles to suit all tastes. The modern style of interior design makes its way into the kitchen with polished woods, Lucite seating and monochrome colour schemes. If you prefer the traditional style, stained mahogany finishes and wooden floors create an Old World ambience. 

For smaller spaces, the cottage style is a natural fit, with its juxtaposition of retro-styled appliances and mismatched crockery. A country-tinged rustic theme never goes out of style, inviting guests to gather round distressed farmhouse tables dressed up with crisp gingham and lace.

Latest trends

Trends in kitchen design at the moment include a push for a seamless, linear theme with handle-less doors and glossy finishes. Monochromatic schemes of grey, black and white are popular choices in interior design. At the same time, copper accents and quartz countertops are additional trends to spice up the modern space. Quartz has become increasingly affordable recently due to the development of new composite blends, making it a very attractive addition to any worktop.

Yet perhaps the number one trend in kitchen decoration this year is the prevalence of smart appliances and technology. You can expect to see fixtures like pop-up charging sockets, app-controlled smart coffee machines, lights that change colour to suit your mood, and integrated Bluetooth speakers.

If you’re in the market for a new kitchen design, browse this category for tips pertaining to everything from installing kitchen islands to the latest renovation trends, even for small spaces. Read on to add value and transform your space into the beating heart of your home.

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