Five in-demand new kitchen gadgets

Ferment, smoke and sous vide your way to a luscious meal using the latest gadgets for the home kitchen. Elegantly designed to enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen and add a touch of luxury to your cooking, these innovations also provide inspiration for the modern chef as they enable you to expertly experiment with contemporary food trends.

Hamburg - Cook your way to culinary success with the latest kitchen innovations.

1. The must-have new kitchen gadget: a sous vide machine

The sous vide technique has made the leap from Michelin-starred restaurants to home kitchens, giving gourmands the chance to reach new heights of precision with cooking temperatures. Update your toolkit with a sous vide machine, which allows you to vacuum-seal your ingredients to lock in moisture before immersing them in a heated water bath. For a streamlined alternative to large, enclosed water baths, smaller immersion circulators simply clip onto the cooking pot of your choice to circulate water and regulate temperature.

2. Add depth to flavours with an electric smoker

There’s something appealingly primal about cooking with fire, which may be why smoked cuisine never falls out of fashion. Sales of home smokers have increased drastically in recent years as amateur chefs infuse ingredients with rich, wood-tinged flavour. As well as enhancing the taste of meat and fish, electric smokers allow you to lend layers of nuance to butter, vegetables, sauces and even desserts. Choose a WiFi-enabled smart device to remotely monitor the smoker's temperature and cooking time.

3. Explore a trend with a fermentation kit

From kefir to kombucha, kimchi to miso, fermented foods are a growing trend for home chefs due to their depth of flavour and positive health attributes. You can reap the benefits at home by using a mason jar outfitted with twin bubble airlocks to release the gas that builds up during the fermentation process. Another option is to choose a water-sealed fermenting crock, featuring a shallow water-filled moat that fits just under the lid to provide a naturally airtight seal. Crafted from rustic ceramic materials, these are as charming as they are practical.

4. Make use of high-tech new kitchen gadgets with a smart cooker hood

Cooker hoods usually aren’t the first tools to spring to mind when you think of fashionable new kitchen gadgets, but Miele’s new high-tech models could change this conception. Their smart Con@ctivity 2.0 technology integrates neatly into the smart home, communicating with the hob below and automatically adjusting the fan strength accordingly. There’s been no sacrifice of form for function, however: the design’s sophisticated, cascading curves of glass provide an elegant solution to the problem of eliminating cooking odours.

5. Create a crisp finish with an air fryer

For those following the latest health and wellness trends, an air fryer is a must-have gadget. These smart new kitchen gadgets evenly circulate air to cook food rapidly at a high temperature, producing an enviably crisp finish. There’s no need for cooking oil and a deep fryer when you use this stylish, clean-eating design instead, suitable for frying anything from chicken to vegetables.

From entertaining dinner guests to preparing everyday family meals, the latest designs give your kitchen a high-end upgrade. Blending science and elegance, these new kitchen gadgets bring your home cooking arsenal into 2019 and beyond.

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