Five ways to brighten a dark home

A focus on letting in more light is enough to transform just about any interior. Brightening up living spaces engenders a feeling of airiness – which is especially essential in a property during the darker days of winter.

Five ways to brighten a dark home

Here, we share five simple ways to brighten up your living space.

1. Distribute the light

It's not uncommon for homeowners to step up the wattage of their bulbs in order to fully illuminate their property. While this should work in principle, it isn't always enough to transform a home interior into a glowing paradise.

For a space to appear well lit, light must be spread evenly rather than concentrated in a few areas. The easiest way to achieve this is by disseminating lamps throughout the room instead of relying too heavily on central lighting fixtures.

If you're still not achieving the desired brightness, however, by all means increase the wattage of your bulbs.

2. Create false windows

The best way to brighten up living spaces is with natural light, but this isn't always possible. Maybe the design of your windows is too small or they’re obscured by heavy foliage? Or perhaps the room you're trying to illuminate is underground? Whatever the reason, a formidable solution is to install DIY false windows.

False windows are recessed squares or rectangles lined with strip LEDs. The dispersed lighting mimics the effect of a real window but has none of the privacy drawbacks of glass.

3. Use recessed bulbs

A wide open-plan area is, of course, essential to maximising a feeling of brightness. All too often, light fixtures themselves can become obstructions, having the opposite of their intended effect.

To minimise clutter in your home, make use of recessed bulbs. As these components can be embedded into walls and beams as well as ceilings, they’re also a useful means of evenly distributing light throughout a room.

4. Incorporate mirrors

Mirrors perform illusions with lighting, reflecting any sunshine that streams in through your living area. Maximise your home’s natural light by placing mirrors opposite windows or facing corridors and open areas.

5. Go white

A simple trick remains one of the most effective means of brightening up living spaces: whitewashing your walls. More light bounces off this fresh hue than from other neutral shades such as magnolia.

Even the subtlest off-white tones could be limiting your home’s potential. An hour with a paintbrush can make all the difference; the before and after effects will be astounding.

Enhancing the lighting in your home is a vital step towards successfully placing it on the property market. Engel & Völkers is a global leading authority on achieving the most from your home at the point of sale. Read our website for more essential tips, from how to brighten up living spaces to preparing your house for viewings.

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