2017: Your year to declutter your home

This spring – the season of new beginnings – liberate your home of clutter and create a light, airy and spacious haven. As with all transformative resolutions, however, deciding how to approach the task at hand is often the toughest part. Fortunately, there are several ways to declutter your home with ease. Here are some organising tips to help you make a promising start.

2017: Your year to declutter your home

Visualise the final result

Begin with a clear vision. Take a moment to imagine how appealingly minimalistic your home will look once it’s free from clutter and use this as motivation. Also consider whether you need to purchase any items in order to achieve your intention, such as storage solutions.

Take five minutes

You needn’t declutter your whole house at once. Spending five minutes a day filtering through your possessions can be very effective. Clear one drawer, shelf or surface at a time and you’ll be surprised by the difference a few well-used minutes make.

Apply the 6-6-6 method

A game can be the best way to motivate yourself and your family into freeing yourselves of unnecessary objects. Declutter in sixes and turn it into a competition. Begin in the living room, for example, with each participant choosing six items to keep, six to donate or recycle and six to tidy or throw away.

Donate one item per day

Declutter your life one trinket at a time. Select an unused object every day to give to a charity of your choice. Over the space of a year you will have freed yourself of 365 unnecessary or unloved possessions.

Use the four-box technique

Some people prefer to approach decluttering one room at a time. Simply take four boxes into the space to fill with disused items: one to keep, one to donate, one to throw away and one to relocate elsewhere.

Make a do-it-today tray

Filing stacks up very quickly. Fill a tray up with papers as you go about your day at home - your bills, guarantees or receipts, perhaps - and challenge yourself to sort through it just before it's overflowing. Refill it the next day and embark upon the home organisation process again.

Find new ways to store

Declutter your home by hiding the objects you want to keep out of site. Invest in stylish boxes to keep miscellaneous possessions, ensure books are stacked up neatly on shelves and add a shoe rack in your hallway. Hooks on the backs of doors or hanging storage compartments can be excellent space savers too. The perfect way to begin the new year is with a spring clean to set intentions on how your home should remain throughout the year. If you start 2017 with a clear space and a clear mind, you’ll be reluctant to allow clutter to build back up. For similar organisation ideas for the home, head to our Engel & Völkers blog.

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