Garden design ideas for outdoor living 

A well-tended garden space adds allure to any home. Front garden flowerbeds bring splashes of colour to your property’s façade for instant kerb appeal, while tree-shaded patios and natural stone walkways in the backyard create the ideal ambience for entertaining al fresco. Here’s a closer look at how to design a garden space that’s completely your own.

The benefits of a garden space

Landscapes can boost a home’s value by up to 15 percent, in comparison to similar properties on the same street. While other home renovations can fall out of fashion and start to lose value over time, by contrast landscaping is an upgrade that only grows in value.

There’s also the potential economic benefit in terms of energy efficiency. By strategically placing trees and shrubbery around buildings, you can reduce heat loss and insulate the property for up to a 25 percent reductionin household energy consumption.

Stylish outdoor living

From modern to Mediterranean, there’s a vast range of garden styles to choose from. Select a general style that complements your home’s interior décor; if your living spaces are sleek and minimalist, the clean lines and careful rock placement of a Japanese garden will be the perfect match. 

If you prefer the rustic farmhouse style of a Provençal home, French-inspired landscaping with fragrant bay trees and lavender evokes the charm of the countryside. Embrace current interior trends like the art of Swedish hygge with Scandi-inspired woollen blankets, fire pits and bursts of greenery sprouting out of simple ceramic pots.

DIY garden design

Designing your own garden allows you to create your dream space and indulge your budding green thumb all at once. Simply follow the sameprinciples of interior design to get started, first envisioning your end goal and drawing some rough sketches. Start with a focal point – a must for any garden design. This is what you’ll build your garden around, whether it’s a statement monkey puzzle tree, wrought-iron sculpture, or living willow dome. 


Keep sun position in mind as you determine layout, as you don’t want your inlaid-brick patio to bake in the midday heat. Take your time as you build up your garden flowerbed by flowerbed. This will allow you to assess the master plan every step of the way for a cohesively lush outdoor living space.

Hiring a landscape architect

For more involved projects, hiring a landscape architect can make a world of difference. A landscape architect is licensed to draw and submit grading plans, which is essential if you need a permit for your site. Properties located in protected woodland or wetland areas, within floodplains, or containing historic elements will need professionally drawn-up plans to adhere to all local regulations. 

In this category, you’ll find an array of articles to help you design and plant an idyllic garden. Reap the benefits of outdoor living by blurring the lines between exterior and interior spaces, for a true breath of fresh air.

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