Market Trends

This category will help you unravel the ins and outs of property market trends. We’ll talk about current trends, how to spot an upward trend coming in your area, and what sort of land or property to look into and what returns to expect. Whether you’re buying a family home, or somewhere to invest in and turn over quickly, trends affect buyers’ prospects as much as sellers’.

The first step

There are several avenues into investing in the property market. One is to invest in land which will soon go up in value, based in an up-and-coming area with good infrastructure and facilities that will make it desirable to people and businesses.

The next step is either building on it or leasing it to someone to build on. You could also buy land with business infrastructure already constructed on it, and then lease the buildings to companies. Alternatively, you could invest in residential real estate and buy a house, flat or block of apartments to rent to others.

Another way to get into real estate is to simply buy, live in, and eventually sell properties. Both the buying and the selling stage of this process need sound insight into trends in the real estate market or you won’t make the profit you’re intending to.

How market trends affect buyers

Rather than merely a buyer, think of yourself as a ‘future seller’. You’re looking to make a purchase at the start of, or just before, a property’s upward trajectory. You can look at the last few years’ worth of property values in the area you’re considering to see if they’re steadily climbing or falling. The housing market will always be volatile, sometimes for reasons completely apart from property and land itself, such as politics, currency value and global markets.

When you’re seeking out an area with an upward market trend, you can look for facilities which will always attract people. Areas with new development springing up, such as entertainment complexes, shopping and new transport connections are often about to boom in popularity and become a property hotspot.

How trends in real estate affect sellers

Waiting to sell is a bit like being a surfer: you’re poised for the right wave, or market trend, to carry your sale to shore. It’s not just the market trends you’ll be riding; the season and the buying appetite in your area also affect your asking price. Often it’s best to ride out the lowest points in the property market, but if you simply can’t wait to sell, there are things you can do to your house itself to maximise potential profit. When the peak in your market comes, be aware it can make others in your area keen to sell, thereby increasing the competition.

Even before you’ve found the best moment for a sale, you can make long-term changes which will enable you to increase your property value ready for the high point. This could be creating additional parking or a garage, expanding into your roof or basement or simply modernising.

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