How the home office can become your favourite workspace

In times like these, we are all stretched thin. We have to be highly flexible and able to adapt to new situations. Our movement is restricted and for many of us it also means working from home temporarily or permanently. In the past, working in a home office has been something we might have wished for, but its sudden realisation caught many of us by surprise. Therefore, it is very likely that the workplace will be more improvised than inspiring.

We will show you how to make your home workspace functional and yet attractive for the long term.

Hamburg - Working productively from home is a creative challenge. We show how you can create a harmonious workplace in your home office. More on this in the new blog!

There is space in even the smallest of huts Friedrich Schiller once wrote. Having a self-contained, separate room available as an office is certainly something that is ideal for a home office. If this is not the case, however, there is no alternative but to repurpose part of your home. If you have very little living space, this can be in the bedroom, in alcoves or even on the landing of a staircase or in the hallway.

Whether you have a fully equipped office or just a small desk as your home office, the workplace where you want to focus on work for many hours a day should be set up in a way that allows you to do just that.

Be selfish for once

Don't just create a workplace at home to somehow get through the working day, but take the opportunity to create your own personal favourite workspace.

At the office, you might need to compromise because you have to get along with many different types of people and, understandably, not everyone can realise their personal style down to the last detail. But in your own four walls, you can most certainly indulge in a healthy dose of selfishness. Ask yourself honestly what you really need to feel inspired and comfortable for several hours at a time. How do you work best, do you prefer creative chaos or order and structure?

This quick personal analysis will serve as a basis to help you make the right decisions about how to set up your workspace.

Balancing ergonomics and personal taste

Every office has essentials that help you work comfortably and effectively. First and foremost are the seating and the desk.

Strike a balance between healthy sitting position and visual enhancement of the workspace through the use of furniture. Especially if it is integrated into the living area, you should really like it and enjoy spending time there.

Our tip for keeping odds and ends is to use attractive storage options, for bulky files we recommend using stylish sideboards or cabinets that blend in with the style of your living environment. This allows you to begin the end of the working day or the weekend on a relaxed note, once all the creative clutter has been cleared away.

How to work productively

In the home office, you can do whatever you like to promote a good mood and relaxed working atmosphere. Surround yourself with pictures of your loved ones or art objects that inspire and delight. We also recommend the use of plants. Plants and favourite flowers are not only good for the indoor climate, they can promote concentration and reflection and also remind you to take a deep breath when things get stressful.

Placed smartly, larger, more expansive units are also perfect as room dividers to visually delineate the work area or to conceal it somewhat. You should also pay attention to the lighting. Instead of sober office lighting, use a designer luminaire or a favourite lamp to enhance the feeling of well-being. It is advisable to have a swivel lamp and a light intensity that is easy on the eyes. A place near a window with plenty of daylight and good workplace lighting is ideal.

If the workspace at home is furnished using both intuition and common sense, it is possible to work well and productively at home. And since we generally spend more time at home in this stay-at-home phase, the integration of the workspace is certainly essential for a healthy work-life balance. We hope you have fun setting up and continuously enhancing your workspace!

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