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Welcome to your real estate expert Engel & Völkers in Klagenfurt! 

Professional at every level!

Engel & Völkers is your competent point of contact for upmarket properties in Klagenfurt, around the Wörthersee and the whole of Carinthia. As one of the most successful realtors worldwide, Engel & Völkers have been brokering real estate and investment properties for the last 30 year, in some of the most beautiful locations.

Represented on 4 continents, in 52 countries, with over 620 stores worldwide and more than 8,000 employees, Engel & Völkers  has an excellent network and offers with its vast experience, the best possible care at all levels.

Represented in the provincial capital of Klagenfurt with an experienced and motivated team, we strive to fulfil your wishes and expectations with dedication and commitment.

We are delighted with your interest in Engel & Völkers and allow ourselves to give you an insight into our company and its approach on the following pages.

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