Code is Passion: meet Simone

What’s your name and where are you from?

My name is Simone Pizzuti, and i’m from Rome, Italy.

What do you do at E&V Technology?

My official role is Frontend Engineer, and the main task at Engel & Voelkers is to create performant Frontend applications mainly with ReactJs, Webpack, CSS preprocessors in order to achieve blazing fast frontend apps. 

What are some of the challenges you have faced so far?

I started my career 15 years ago as Graphic Designer, and today i’m an Engineer. So the biggest challenge that i have ever faced is the mindset shift that you have to operate in order to become a valid engineer from a point of view of a creative person. That also gave me the chance to understand completely the process that go through the ideation, creation and development of an app / website.

My typical day at E&V includes..

Start with a briefing of tasks i have to tackle first, and then 3 hours of focused work, mainly code optimization of existing assets and creation of new functionalities. Usually at 12pm, all the developers gather in circle to talk about their advancements and exchange ideas on how to solve issues from different perspective. Then, back to work for the rest of the day.

What technology are you most excited about working with next?

I’m actually very interested on the future of the web development, and i think that ReactJs is a part of a deep transformation. My focus and excitement is actually for React, and all the environment of frameworks that Facebook have landed during the last years: React Native, React VR, React OSX and so on. I’m actually studying GraphQL.

What was a great surprising thing you discovered after joining E&V?

The work environment is fantastic! All the colleagues are very welcoming and ready to help you and ask your questions. And Hamburg is a fantastic city, for its architecture but also for the culture and wealth, so full of life and new things to do.

I like my coffee …?

I’m italian, Espresso Ristretto please!

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