Hey Marek, what do you do at E&V Technology

What’s your name and where are you from?
Hey there, i’m Marek! I was born in Gdynia, a harbor city in Poland, but my parents migrated to Germany and Hamburg shortly after, so here I am! But let’s not think in borders and nations, i consider myself as a citizen of our world ;).

What do you do at E&V Technology?
Phew, this and that. My position is „product expert“, means i’m on the way to be a product owner. I work with a fantastic team (heyho team brokerage, kudos!) mostly on a CRM. This includes thinking of new features., writing a lot of user stories, UI/UX, designing screen designs with sketch, communicating with developers, service providers and so on.

What are some of the challenges you have faced so far?

The biggest challenge for me is actually working with remote teams. Our current Service Provider is on the other side of the atlantic sea, so there is a lot of delay because of the different timezones which can be very frustrating sometimes. Because of this, we are not able to work full scrum and agile like we would like to, but we have found a mode which is a good compromise for us.

My typical day at E&V includes..
There are no typical days, seriously. But the daily routines are including a lot of coffee & cigarettes (great movie, by the way. Jim Jarmusch ftw!)

What technology are you most excited about working with next?

Not sure if I will work with it in future or not, but the whole virtual reality topic has a lot of potential, especially in regarding to real estate! Beside of this, i  started last year to work a lot with “Sketch” and i’m really surprised what a well made piece of software it is. It helped us a lot in our processes regarding UI and UX.

What was a great surprising thing you discovered after joining E&V?
That is an easy one: How fantastic my colleagues are! I know a lot of people who go with stomachache to there working places and i’m very glad that this does not apply to me in any way.
Everyone is extremely helpful and understanding. And even if you mess up something really hard- no one is focusing on blaming you, but on helping you to get things running again.

I like my coffee …?
definitely NOT decaf. Seriously, that’s like taking all the fun and purpose from it.

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