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Hamburg E&V Shops switch to G Suite Business

The Hamburg E&V shops in the districts of Bergedorf and Barmbek have opted to start working with the G Suite Business licence from now onwards. Antonina Blohm, Product Manager at E&V Technology, provided support to her colleagues during the launch phase of the software. 

“We want to take advantage of the unlimited storage space provided by the G Suite Business licence and finally part ways with our physical server,” says Matthias Conze, Licence Partner of the two Hamburg Shops. “We are striving to get all our colleagues on board and to familiarise them with the Google products and features such as the ‘Shared drives’. These are designed to help us get work done faster and even more efficiently in the future.”

Matthias Conze contacted Antonina Blohm and arranged for two training sessions to be held at the end of August. Licence partners, real estate agents, sales directors and assistants all took part. The focus was on using the Google Drive, which included creating the best possible folder structure and integrating Google products like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Keep, Google Tasks and Google Hangouts into people’s daily work.

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“The training sessions more than exceeded my expectations,” says Matthias Conze. “Not only have my teams started working in the ‘Shared drives’. They’re also already holding meetings using Hangouts Meet when they’re on the move, they’re enhancing their day-to-day  organisation with Google Keep notes and booking rooms, cameras and company cars with Google Calendar. All in all, we’re now working even better together.”

Antonina Blohm is also pleased with the outcome. “It was a great experience for me to meet all my colleagues in their ‘natural habitat’ and to get to know more about the individual challenges they face using the products in the G Suite. I’m delighted that, working together, we’ve managed to make this transition to the G Suite Business licence so smooth and successful.”

Do you need help too switching to the G Suite Business licence? In that case, please feel free to contact Antonina Blohm. 

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