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Success Story Barcelona - G Suite Workshop on Site

Hi, my name is Antonina and I am the Product Expert at Team Global Productivity. One part of my work is providing workshops and Trainings for the G Suite products. Last time I were in Barcelona for two days having three workshops with different teams of the Staff on Site.

The Goal was that our Engel & Völkers co-workers get to know our Google products more in deep so that they can implement and use them at it’s best to get their work done faster and more efficient. 

The biggest challenge for me was, to show them that change can be easy. That the possibilities they have with the G Suite products make their work easier and motivate them to use the tools.

Sometimes only a helping hand and showing a few things are enough, to encourage many people to use and to motivate also others to use the tools. It's all about communication and listening to the issues the users have because one important thing for us is our workflow. We want to make it better, faster, independent and efficient.

This is what the change to the G Suite and the usage of these products give us. And this is what the MC Barcelona can now sign as they got to know the products and like to use them. Implementing step by step the booking of meeting rooms and having meetings via Google Chrome boxes with Hangouts Meet. 

Creating Drive folders and share the files with people they are working with to have things done fast. Using the option to see the changes in the documents through the option of the version history in each file. Also using Hangouts Chat documenting all the history of the business discussions, not being depending on Whats App or Skype anymore.

The workshop showed again that it is of importance to talk and to give you a face presentation of how we work and what we daily do. Give you the chance to give feedback and be part of the change and evolution as we are searching and creating products for our employees. At the end in all our digitalisation world the communication and also the possibility to have face to face discussion and learnings also via Hangouts, is the key for change.

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