How to organise your home renovation


Renovating your house need not cause major upheaval. Whether it’s a major remodel or minor upgrade, with careful forethought and methodical planning your project can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. This simple strategy will help you to embark on the process with confidence.


Deciding on a timeframe for your renovation well in advance of committing to work is a wise idea. Consider any fixed deadlines that must be incorporated and take variable factors like the weather and hours of daylight into account. Exterior structural work like replacing windows is always best carried out during the summer months, while organising interior redecoration when you are away from home or on holiday allows for minimum disruption.


It’s important to prioritise carefully when planning your renovation. Knowing which changes are essential or urgent and which are simply desirable will be invaluable if you meet with any delays in your schedule. Installing the underfloor heating system may be imperative, but aesthetic changes to your home like garden landscaping or upgrading appliances can often be postponed to a more convenient time. A degree of flexibility will always ensure that things run smoothly.

Choose your team

Choose your renovation team with care. Experienced architects and contractors will be able to guide you through your project efficiently, completing work to a high standard. Trusted recommendations are an excellent place to start your search: If you’re admiring a friend’s new bathroom, find out who completed the work and make contact with them. Think about hiring a dedicated project manager to take responsibility for the day-to-day running of the site. They will manage all timetabling, deliveries and payments, leaving you free to continue life as normal. Finally, talk through quotations and confirm that you and your team share the same vision when it comes to the final result and budget. Establishing clear communication lines from the start is vital.

Arrange accommodation

If you will be moving out until the work is complete, arrange your temporary accommodation in plenty of time and remember to redirect your post. If you will be on site while work is carried out, designate a section or room of your property to use that will be unaffected by the project; it’s crucial to have an undisturbed space in which you are able to relax or work. Consider arranging boarding or daytime care for any household pets, and store all valuable items somewhere secure, if possible off the premises.

Contingency planning

If you are committing to a major renovation, draw up a contingency plan in case of any unavoidable disturbances to your routine. If you know the water or power will be turned off at a certain time, plan ahead to eat out or visit friends for a few days. Where possible, assign a protected area of your home to store furniture and other items affected by your project. Not only will this accelerate the process as a whole, it will guarantee your belongings stay out of harm’s way.

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