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Commercial property

Industry, Buy | Italy, Abruzzo, Chieti

Property Description

The property subject of the sale is an industrial factory consists of different building structures in addition to the annexed area. The office building has a rectangular plan of one floor of 315 square meters and height of about 3.00 meters, comprising an entrance reception, No. 6 local office, meeting room No. 1, No. 2 rooms bathroom with dressing room as well as corridor and disengagement. Be it through a tunnel, you enter the "pyramid" exhibition and, through a fire door, the shed operations. This shed is a product consisting of a rectangular one-story, a prefabricated structure in cav and cap, the commercial surface equal to 2,490 square meters and with a height gain of 5.00 meters, comprising a single wide area destined to work. Adjacent to the hall there is a working building social services amounted to 195 square meters including a local infirmary with a bathroom, a dining room, a dressing room, a service room with toilets, showers and sinks, as well as hallways and lobbies. The "pyramid" exhibition is made of laminated wood structures and glass, the retail area of ​​about 256 square meters and with a ridge height of approximately 11.00 meters. The production complex is also equipped with: heating, Silos and electrical transformer.
Around the house and the various structures of the remaining land area equal to approximately 6,850 square meters, partly paved and partly green areas. The paved areas are mainly to aprons for loading and unloading goods and in part to parkings. Such a ground is provided with a building potential such as to allow an extension. The entire lot is fenced enclosure with "open".

Location Description

The property is located in the industrial area of Atessa, in places Saletti. It is reached along the highway Val di Sangro exit for the various production plants.

EVAP S.r.l is the franchise partner of Engel & Völkers Commercial GmbH


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