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Farm on scenic hill in the province of Chieti

Hotel, Buy | Italy, Abruzzo, Chieti

Property Description

The farm is located in the lush countryside of Abruzzo, in the hills, in the province of Chieti. Made of two buildings renovated and modernized enterprise, the farm consists of 4 independent apartments furnished, equipped with every comfort, the beauty of which is enhanced by the presence, for each, large terraces or porches. The window frames, all made from wood, here to maintain a delightful rustic look as well as security and privacy. Minor buildings flank the ground floor and include various services such as laundry, bathroom, WiFi equipment. An apartment has been transformed into Trattoria Agricola and has regular license for 40 seats. Enclosed parking and well lighted. Of the Company includes all the goods currently present in it: furniture, agricultural machinery, professional kitchen, etc. as well as the almost ten hectares of land on which the hotel insists, irrigation systems and its three water tanks. The business complex is presented, and structurally and economically, an excellent investment for those who want to work in the field of tourism receptive Abruzzo. Thanks to the recent approval received exercise of catering, not yet actually started, the Company has, therefore, as a reality by the significant earnings potential.

Location Description

The territory is characterized by the presence of the river Sangro, rising from the territories of the National Park d 'Abruzzo and coming to the Adriatic Sea, it gives a number of countries and cities that surround it, a unique impression. The town of Paglieta is located on a hill, 4 km from the River Sangro and 9 km from the sea. The nearest beaches are the most beautiful of the charming Costa dei Trabocchi Fossacesia with the Abbey of San Giovanni in Venere, Rocca San Giovanni, with its gulf, and San Vito, Vasto. A 15 Km from Paglieta is Lanciano, a town of ancient origin as well as destination of religious tourism to the presence of the Eucharistic Miracle. Continuing up the river, the impressive massif of the Maiella, complete the tourist offer three major ski resorts. Their catchment area is the typical low and low Aquila Abruzzo. Massive attendance also tourism Roman, Puglia and Marche.
Away from the International Airport of Abruzzo (PE): 60 km

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