Прекрасное время для покупки недвижимости в Турции

Обзор рынка

The increasing effects of the economic crisis, credit debts of citizens and small business owners to banks, the struggle of employers and companies to stay afloat, and an increase in the numbers who are selling their homes for badly needed cash has brought down house prices like never before.

All economists and investor agree on one thing : For those who have the means, who have a fixed income sufficient to pay mortgage installments, this is exactly the right time to buy property – the prices will never sink so low again. With the end of investment in US-Dollars or Euros, the excessive rise in the price of gold, and the low mortgage interest rates offered by banks to those who have fixed incomes are beginning to stir the property market into action.

We have found out that clever buyers are patrolling the markets looking for property selling way below their actual worth and snapping them up.

The decrease in investments other than property, meaning that the investments would turn to the real estate market.

The situation with gold and foreign exchange will force a speed up in the market.

Mortage credits in the U.S.A and U.K have reached significant levels. The situation now is better than the last two years from the perspective of investments.

The inversely proportional price movement of gold and foreign exchange is pleasing. Any price movement here will mean a return to investments in property.

The best investment in the world is property !

We are expecting great things for the property market in the next years.

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