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Why you should have a real estate broker in Dubai

Real Estate Market Dubai

With more than 2.1million inhabitants, Dubai is the biggest city in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai’s real estate market has been growing rapidly over the last years and the demands for properties are steadily increasing. Not only are Arabian entrepreneurs and investors interested in investing in Dubai’s real estate market but also tradesmen and private citizens from all over the world. A lot of international companies are located in Dubai and it has established itself as a center of commerce for the east. In addition to that, Dubai is preparing itself for theEXPO 2020, which is another factor that will push the real estate growth in this impressive city.

Real estate purchasesin Dubai feature numerous advantages. One of them is the price-performanceratio, which is very profitable at the moment. Because rents are kind of highcompared to other maintenance costs, plenty of potential buyers would be ableto buy their own real estate which can be financed with the rent of a fewyears.  The property values in Dubai’sreal estate market are steadily increasing. This modern multicultural city obtains a lot of popularity all over the world and offers the most lucrative purchases making it a perfect place for real estate investments.

 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
- When thinking of investing in luxury real estate, many American cities will come to mind as great deals and good places to live, but if the property is part of an investment portfolio, Dubai is the top performing investment location.

Dubai’s architecture is pretty extraordinary. Dubai’s real estate market is a mixture of very moderndesigns with Islamic influences. Among its many skyscrapers that measure morethan 300 meters high, is the Burj Kalifa, which is the highest building in theworld with a total height of 828 meters. The Palm Jumeirah, which is an Islandin the shape of a palm tree, is a very popular area where real estate can bebought or rented.

But there are plentyof other reasons for a real estate investment in Dubai besides the modernarchitecture and the lucrative purchases.

Foreigners are able topurchase apartments, houses, villas and properties in several residentialdistricts. Anyone who is purchasing real estate in Dubai has the opportunity toapply for a residence permit under certain requirements, which can be enlargedas long as that person is the proprietor even if they are not working in Dubai.

In addition to thatDubai is a tax free city. There are no income taxes or other kind of taxes gain taxes or purchase taxes that need to be paid, not even in the realestate market.

Those were just a few reasons for Dubai to be a good place to invest in the real estate market besides the low crime rate, the enjoyable weather and many other reasons that make Dubai an attractive city to live and work at.

 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Advantages of Brokers in Dubai

If someone is interested in purchasing real estate investments it is always beneficial to have the assistance of a real estate company. Especially when they think abouta purchase abroad where they need to expect unknown markets and languages. Realestate companies can prevent bad investments with their local experience and the potential purchasers have the opportunity to save time while the real estate company finds suitable properties that fit the requests of their customers. The customers have the benefit to just focus on a shortlist withsuitable offers instead of searching through plenty of offers that do not fittheir requests what takes a lot of time and may additionally not be the bestinvestment opportunities. Especially when the potential purchaser lives inanother country it is very useful to have a local steady contact person.

Why it is a great decision to choose Engel & Völkers

The German company Engel& Völkers is one of the world’s leading service companies specialized inthe sale and rental of premium residential and commercial real estate. Withmore than 600 shops all over the world that are specialized in high-class residentialand commercial real estate Engel & Völkers offers both private andinstitutional clients a professional range of services and is the only Germancompany in the top 100 franchise companies in the world.

Whether the customer is looking for an apartment with a special view or prefers a multi-bedroom villa, the team from Engel & Völkers in Dubai will do their best to find an offer which is absolutely suitable for the requests of their customer.

 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Engel & Völkers has a great variety of real estate in several residential districts in Dubai likeThe Palm Jumeirah or the Jumeirah Beach Resort. For customers that prefer thecity center Engel & Völkers also has real estate for sale downtown or inthe marina. And of course we also cover the districts Discovery Gardens, JumeirahLake Towers, Bur Dubai and Garhoud which are just a part of all the areas thatare covered by Engel & Völkers.

To find out all of the areas we have and which one of them suits best for you do not hesitate to contact the team of Engel & Völkers in Dubai for further information.

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