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Feel-good factor: sleep

Did you sleep well last night? Hopefully the answer is yes, as we spend around a third of our lives doing this seemingly unimportant activity. That’s about 26 years for a person who lives to 80. Sleep influences the length and quality of our lives. Each sleepless or restless night costs us valuable energy. We only realise how important and beneficial these phases of rest are for our bodies when we don’t get enough sleep. It is important to regenerate in the night. Recuperative sleep is therefore not wasted time, but is rather the basis for health and well-being. Good sleep improves our immune systems and is an important factor in the fight against bacteria and viruses. In addition, our brains are not offline in the night; they accomplish incredible things by networking nerve cells whilst we are asleep. Our brains save important information and delete what they consider to be unnecessary.

We tend to blame not having slept well on “intrinsic” causes such as stress, worries, and rumination. In fact, the root of the problem often lies in the environment and can be easily solved. A good night’s sleep starts with a bedroom’s furnishings.

- Einrichtungshaus · Tischlerei · Böden

Our quality of sleep cannot be left to chance. The ideal way to furnish a bedroom to promote restful sleep is no secret. At Aufschnaiter furniture store in St. Johann in Tirol, they are experts on the topic of furniture and sleep. A good night’s sleep is important to us, which is why we asked for a few expert tips. We would like to share what we found out with you. A person’s need for sleep depends on several factors. Genes, age, sleep routine, general health condition - all of these factors determine our need for sleep. The old rule that adults need eight hours’ sleep per night is a thing of the past. Some adults need seven to eight hours’ sleep, others manage on less than seven hours, and some need more than nine hours’ sleep. Different lengths apply to children. However, how we feel does not depend on how long we sleep, but is a result of our sleep quality and sleep efficiency. Sleep efficiency is decisive when it comes to sleep quality. It doesn’t suffice to lie in bed for numerous hours. The goal is to sleep well during this time.

Hans Aufschnaiter is convinced that a bed standing on its own in a dark, empty room is often not sufficient to guarantee good sleep in the long run. If you want to sleep and rest well, you should turn your bedroom into a feel-good oasis. Having suitable furnishings and following a few rules will sweeten your dreams and optimise your sleeping experience. You won’t be surprised to find out that your bed should be the centrepiece in your bedroom. However, it doesn’t need to be exactly in the middle of the room. As it is the most important piece of furniture, it should be given special attention. This means that a bed should fulfil your own wishes and requirements in all respects. This begins with selecting the right mattress. The correct type of mattress relieves the stress on your spine and enhances your sleep quality. The choice is so large that it can help to seek advice at a mattress studio and lie on the mattresses to test them out before making a decision. When he gave us his valuable tips, Hans Aufschnaiter emphasised that there was an ideal mattress for everyone. It is imperative that the mattress fits the bed frame and is suitable for the bed. This is why the experts refer to sleep systems at Aufschnaiter in St. Johann in Tirol.

"Quality of sleep has a greater impact on your well-being than length of sleep.” - Hans Aufschnaiter

- Geschäftsführer Aufschnaiter GesmbH & Co KG

Aside from individual requirements, a bed should never be too small. Restful sleep is only possible if you are able to stretch out. Nowadays, it can be regarded as a fact that we can sleep and relax better if the head of the bed is against a solid wall. This might be a normal wall, but could also be a stable partition screen. There shouldn’t be anything obstructing your way into bed. Freely accessible, the head end by the wall, appropriate, and inviting - this is what the ideal bed might look like.

Besides the bed, arguably the most important piece of furniture, other pieces of furniture and decorative elements as well as sources of light are also part of the bedroom. Aesthetics should not be overlooked, as the bedroom is the last thing we see before we go to sleep. To ensure that there is enough storage space without wardrobes and chests of drawers dominating the scene, the sleep expert recommends having wardrobes with sliding doors and using storage space under the bed. A wardrobe door featuring a mirror makes the room appear larger. Furthermore, the wardrobe should never be right at the foot of the bed. This “view” could cause anxiety. It there isn’t enough space for a wardrobe, a covered clothes rail might be a better solution. As such, the room remains calm and looks appealing.

However, not only the bed and other furnishings turn a bedroom into a feel-good oasis. Stunning walls, curtains, blankets, as well as subtly placed decorative elements all add a personal touch and create the desired living comfort. Here, the tendency should also be towards achieving a clear and calm overall appearance. In the bedroom, our eyes should literally be able to relax.

If you take these tips to heart, you will sleep better:

  • The bedroom should be the quietest room in the house or apartment​It should only be used for sleep
  • To ensure enough oxygen, there should be at least 7.5m² per person


  • breathable wall paint and wall coverings
  • a floor made of natural materials
  • breathable furniture
  • no disturbances due to factors such as electric smog, geopathic interference zones, light, noise, environmental toxins
  • a room temperature of maximum 16° to 18° Celsius
  • air humidity of 50 to 60%

At Aufschnaiter in St. Johann in Tirol, you receive tailored advice in creating the ideal bedroom of your dreams, both in terms of health and appeal.

If you are still searching for the suitable property for your dream bedroom, Engel & Völkers is the right contact partner for you.

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