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Launching a real estate franchise as a couple in Belgium

Going into real estate as a franchise owner can be a great adventure. However, it’s also something that requires a high level of commitment and a significant investment of time on your part. Having the support of your family is an important factor in the success of your franchise. But why not go even further? Why not go into it as a couple? There are many franchised real estate agencies owned by couples in Belgium. Managing your business this way can be very beneficial. But mixing your private and professional lives can also bring its share of problems. Here is some advice to help ensure that your experience of running a franchise as a couple is successful.

Clearly define each person’s role in the franchise

Our first piece of advice: divide tasks and clearly define your areas of expertise. You and your partner most certainly have very different personalities and therefore different interests. These differences can be a big asset for your franchise, as long as you can successfully leverage them. Based on your interests, desires and personal competencies, you can divide tasks accordingly.

Do you enjoy human contact and prefer to focus on selling, while your partner would rather take care of the business and likes numbers? Two different profiles, each with their strengths and weaknesses - by having clearly defined roles, you can each focus on the things you’re comfortable with. Trust here is essential, so try not to encroach upon your partner’s area of expertise!

Avoid mixing lives: between franchise and family life

Our second piece of advice can be summed up quite simply: do not neglect your family life. One of the reasons for going into a franchise as a couple that is so gratifying is the sharing of your professional success in a more personal sphere. Your trust and your closeness are both assets for the success of your real estate franchise. But even if your professional success is a source of satisfaction, you must not neglect your family life for it!

Be sure to take breaks for yourselves as a couple, as a family, and for pursuing your hobbies and interests. Entrepreneurs often fall into work mode and neglect the rest. This trap gets even bigger for you and your partner when the person you work with comes home with you at night. Establish some ‘together time’ for yourselves, where you put the agency and the real estate to the side. Having a life outside of work is important for your well-being, and allows you to take a step back.

Leave your domestic problems at home

If your franchise co-manager comes home with you at night, your life partner also comes with you to work in the morning. As mentioned above, creating a space for your private life is important to your well-being as a franchised business owner in Belgium. But the separation of these two lives should also work the other way around. Don’t bring your relationship problems from home with to work with you. When everything is going well, your closeness will be a great asset to your franchise. But as a couple, problems in your private life can quickly interfere in your professional life. A relationship problem will soon have a negative effect on your franchise and on its ability to run smoothly. It’s therefore imperative that you both communicate as well as anticipate and settle your conflicts outside of work. To sum things up: be professional in your professional life.

Launch your own real estate franchise in Belgium together

Being a franchise owner is a rewarding experience for Belgian entrepreneurs, and even more so if you are passionate about real estate. And to undertake this as a couple is to set out on a great aventure as a team. This can be not only an important asset for the success of your business, it can also be a wonderful experience. One last piece of a advice for you: communicate! Good communication is essential for all business partners, and even more so for couples. Now, all you need to do is to launch your real estate franchise together!

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