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Let an interior designer take care of decorating your property

Did you know the style of your décor has a positive impact on your mood and psychological state? So if you fancy a change, you should consider creating an entirely fresh interior ambiance. But regardless of whether you have the necessary knowledge or feel completely overwhelmed by the prospect, you are nevertheless highly recommended to leave the task of decorating to the professionals. They can offer you a choice of many different layouts, combinations of colours and textures that will transform your interior setting. And that’s not to mention the suggestions they can throw in concerning the use of furniture and accessories to add those extra personal touches!

Should you contact a decorator or a designer?

We often confuse the functions of "interior decorator" and "interior designer". Yet each has a specific area of expertise. The interior designer is primarily concerned with spatial planning and ergonomics. So in many instances their assessment might recommend knocking down partition walls, for example, in order to modify the structure of certain rooms. The decorator, on the other hand, will focus upon the decorative aspects by selecting a harmonious combination of furniture elements and ornamental pieces.

Help and advice!

It goes without saying that any choice of a decorative style is closely linked to the personal taste and inclinations of the property owner. The aim is almost always to try to add a little of your own identity to every corner of your home. Producing a personalised decorative scheme requires creativity and originality. However, only a decorator can really pass judgement on the feasibility of your ideas. It’s best to offer a number of possible options and then let your decorator select the ones which are most likely to translate well to your actual setting. A good decorator will also be able to give you some fresh ideas which will help to broaden your perspective.

Technical skills and an artist's intuition

The role of an interior decorator is not limited to choosing a style or buying a few pieces of furniture. It also involves carrying out an exhaustive study of the details of the interior space you have available. That will help to provide a better understanding of its technical features and inherent possibilities. Such base data is an essential starting point to inform matters such as: the arrangement of furniture, managing the lighting, assembling the colours and combining the textures to create a discernable sense of visual harmony.

Professionals have all the necessary tools to simulate and visualise your proposed changes. Expert use of digital drawing software helps them decide how best to manage the space, as well as to preview the results of any chosen combination of decorative features. With this knowledge, they can create a 2D or 3D plan of your interior which outlines your aims while remaining within your budget.

NB: Any interior designer will have a full list of contacts. So you won't have to search for craftsmen yourself! They work collaboratively with tradesmen and suppliers who can offer a proven quality of service.

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