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Marketing strategies in franchise systems: Individuality is crucial

Compared to traditional startups, founders who step into self-employment and want to become part of an already established franchise system, enjoy decisive advantages. Among other things, this includes the adaptation of pre-designed marketing measures that are already being used at other franchise locations. The franchise agreement also provides some options for managing your company's marketing despite these "sample plans". Engel & Völkers shows you which methods have proven to be successful for franchisees.

By signing the license agreement, you gain access to relevant franchisor strategic instruments, such as corporate identity, marketing or corporate communications. A deviation from these instruments is usually not provided. It is precisely this clear policy that is your benefit as a franchisee, as it is the foundation of the success of any functioning franchise. However, in terms of the content of the individual measures, you are occasionally given free rein. You can write your own marketing content on your website (as part of the franchise's own wordings), set up social media campaigns, or customize your salerooms according to CI guidelines. Appear and participate at local festivals or fairs to gain regional visibility beyond the benefits of CI, or plan special promotions such as sweepstakes and giveaway. You will find that your scope within the franchise agreement is significantly greater than initially assumed.

Success in the real estate franchise with Engel & Völkers

The occupational field of marketing of residential and commercial real estate is a niche that allows you to grow into your franchisee identity with a lot of character and trustworthiness. Most of your customers reach you via your reputation, which is ideally characterized by reliability, expertise and variety of services. Engel & Völkers provides you with the best possible basis to meet this requirement. Our global prestige as a premium real estate service provider, a strong network of contacts and the internationally renowned corporate identity provided with the Engel & Völkers logo are the basis for your own high-quality real estate shop. With your skills, your personality and your enthusiasm, you will develop a long-term success story.

Do you have any questions about our franchise concept or would you like further information about the possibilities as an independent Engel & Völkers real estate agent? Contact us!

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