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New requirements mean new living trends!

Every year we take a close look at the latest interior trends, as these reflect changes in our society. What’s stayed the same? What’s new? Find out how nature is informing current trends, what people want from their homes now and what ‘Very Peri’ is all about.

The last two years have been particularly challenging for all of us. This is reflected in the latest living trends; after all, these stem naturally from people’s actual needs and desires and are shaped by developments across society. In 2022, we’re no longer keen to chase after the latest fad. Instead, we want to make our homes places to feel good and relax in.


Flexible living and versatile furniture

During the pandemic, we had to rejig our living rooms almost overnight to create multipurpose spaces for living, working and learning. That need for flexible living is still very evident in 2022. Strict layouts have been broken up to merge working and living spaces, whether in the form of open-plan living and dining areas or the merging of bedrooms and study spaces. And this phenomenon extends beyond the rooms themselves – furniture is also becoming more versatile. A sideboard can be converted into a desk or a sofa into a bed in an instant. The focus is clearly on modular living, so flexibility is a must in 2022.

Sustainability and local production

In other spheres of life, there has long been a drive for people to buy locally sourced products and food, but this is a relatively recent development in the furniture sector. This year we are seeing a trend towards sustainable materials that come from the immediate surroundings or are locally produced. A yearning for familiarity has also taken hold of the living sector and is reflected in interior design featuring natural and sustainable materials.

An abundance of nature within your own four walls

This craving for closeness to nature isn't just reflected in the materials, but also in the trend colours that inform modern styles. Inspired by the gloriously bright hues found in nature, Pantone has announced that its colour of the year 2022 is Very Peri. This rich bluish-violet exudes boldness and creativity and is intended to symbolise the fusion of our physical day-to-day lives with the digital world. You can bring the brightness of the heavens into your home with carefully staged Very Peri-coloured accessories such as cushions, vases and candles.

Colours inspired by forests and jungles are also to be found among the latest interior trends, with rich shades of green combined with wood tones, rattan, bamboo and even cork.

Being familiar with current living trends is particularly important for property owners, architects and real estate developers who want to sell their properties successfully. The judicious placement of decorative objects and on-trend furniture, known as home staging, can get your property looking great in no time, often resulting in higher sales prices.

Not only do our real estate specialists at Engel & Völkers know the latest trends inside out, they are also familiar with the preferences of potential buyers for your region, thanks to our international customer search database. Just get in touch! We look forward to helping you sell your apartment or house.

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