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Expert property development and marketing support

Although mortgage interest rates and the risk of inflation are continuing to rise in Switzerland, there is still a lot of building going on, including apartment blocks, entire neighbourhoods with residential, commercial and green spaces, and modern estates of terraced and semi-detached homes. However, these kinds of major projects are only successful if they are marketed specifically to meet the target group’s needs. Engel & Völkers Switzerland specialises in supporting property developers and architects with everything from buying building plots right through to selling their finished properties.

Builders and developers of new property are not only creating new homes and real estate, they're also helping people make their dreams come true. Especially when embarking on larger development projects, it is really important to take things one step at a time, to make sure the wishes of everyone involved are fulfilled. Even the smallest projects can be divided into three distinct stages: design, construction and marketing. These three stages apply regardless of whether you are planning to build just a couple of houses or a whole new estate. Our local property specialists will support you throughout every stage of your development, from start to finish.

Design concepts and meticulous planning

Everything starts with an idea! Before the first sod is even turned, however, a comprehensive site analysis and a great deal of to-ing and fro-ing with various authorities are required. During this stage, our team will provide you with all the support you need. This includes helping you find the perfect plot of land and performing site and usage analyses to make sure all the most important aspects of your project are expertly covered. In addition, we will help you with all the necessary paperwork, including building permits.

All the work put in at this stage will pay off later when it comes to marketing your development, as the analyses will help you identify your future buyers or tenants.

Future-proof projects

If you are planning a major development, you would be well advised to team up with a property specialist as early as the planning stage. This would mean we would be able to help you optimise your floor plans in collaboration with your architects, based on the insights provided by the market and usage analyses. Using these same insights and working together with you, we would be able to design a mix of future-proof residential units to meet a wide range of needs. This would allow us to ensure that your development will offer the right property, at the right time and in the right place.

Effective marketing

Our local expertise and worldwide network make Engel & Völkers the perfect partner for marketing new-build developments effectively and successfully. We start by developing a comprehensive marketing concept in collaboration with our clients and then implementing it quickly and efficiently. Our primary aim is always to ensure that properties are sold or leased quickly and profitably.

Our marketing support includes preparing all the sales documents, taking care of all the legal and administrative aspects, organising and conducting viewings, and, last but not least, taking charge of all the final contract negotiations. In other words, we act as the main point of contact for prospective buyers, tenants, sellers and any other parties involved.

Should your developments involve multiple residential units, we will also be happy to help with and advise on their interior design and fit-out. In addition to the above, all our property experts have their own extensive networks of clients looking to buy, which can often lead to properties being sold long before the first brick is laid.

Hence, getting an estate agent on board as early as possible in your development journey can pay off in a multitude of ways. It also means you don’t have to deal with any of the complex paperwork involved and that you’ll have a competent point of contact and advisor by your side throughout the entire project.

We would, of course, be equally happy to support you during individual project phases. Because we’re here when and as you need us! Please feel free to get in touch at any time – we look forward to hearing about your development project.

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