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The 2nd annual recruiting summit in Dallas, we were there too!

This year we attended the Recruiting Summit to get the latest recruitment trends from our American colleagues. The event took place from 4 to 6 June 2019 under the auspices of Roxann Taylor, owner of the Texas franchise Engel & Völkers in Dallas.

How to find and hire the right sales advisor?

Doing the same isn’t the same. There is nothing better than the valuable advice and experience of colleagues. We attended a conference in the Cambria Hall, where our Texas colleagues presented their experience of recruitment events, we also presented the experiences from our country, followed by discussions and practical demonstrations. Only the US E&V representatives took part the event, we were the only representatives from Europe, thank you for being with you!

A tour of the villa for $ 23,000,000 added the extra touch to the summit

The icing on the cake was a tour organized for all of us, a tour of a very exclusive property designed by a renowned architect Robbie Fusch, located on the prestigious Strait Lane. Consider yourself, would you like to enjoy the exclusivity of your home every day?

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