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Establishing a franchise as a real estate agent: 5 factors for your ideal license area

Engel & Völkers is an established franchisor for independent real estate agents throughout Europe: From Portugal to Germany, from Italy to Belgium: With us, you can choose from many diverse, individual license areas in which you can build your ambitious career as an Engel & Völkers real estate agent. But how do you recognize the license area that best suits your personal and entrepreneurial profile and that promises the best business results? Engel & Völkers has used 5 factors to highlight what you can use as a guide when choosing the right franchise license area in order to soon receive the exclusive rights of use of our brand in the region of your choice.

Experience factor: How well do you know the local market of your new license area?

As a real estate agent, knowing your own market environment as best as possible is also a key component of success for franchisees: Knowledge of specific situation structures, current market dynamics and new projects in the area can be acquired over time - but if, for example, you have lived within your future license area for some time and are also familiar with its socio-cultural landscape, this is an advantage that should not be underestimated in customer discussions and property acquisition. Many Engel & Völkers franchise partners therefore opt for a license area in their hometown in order to effectively integrate the existing experience into their own real estate activity.

- Overview of the free license areas that Engel Voelkers provides to its franchisees

Offer factor: The acquisition basis for franchise real estate agents

It is traditionally easier to win new marketing contracts in licensed areas in which there is a large supply of properties for sale or rent. The more houses, apartments and land you can acquire for your portfolio, the greater the realizable sales potential of your franchise company. Possible indicators that point to a license area with a high supply can be obtained from the demographic data of the region as well as the observation of local new construction activity - Engel & Völkers will be happy to provide you with the relevant data on request!

Demand factor: How well can properties in your license area be marketed?

The demand for properties for sale is directly related to the demand: Is your franchise license area considered a popular residential area that is characterized by a variety of leisure opportunities, career prospects and a relaxing, natural environment? Experience has shown that such locations are in high demand from buyers, so that you will have no difficulties finding houses, apartments and land in the region for sale or rent. The ideal license area stands out due to the above-average density of offers and high demand at the same time, so that both the generation of orders and the marketing benefit from the choice of your location.

Centrality factor: how easy can your real estate agent license area be reached?

When deciding at which location you would like to open your future franchise company with Engel & Völkers, its availability also plays an important role: On the one hand, short distances are an important selection criterion when your customers make a purchase decision, for example when their own workplace, shopping opportunities, Train station or airport can be reached within a few minutes. Good accessibility of your company is important for you as a real estate agent and your employees in order to lose as little time as possible on the way to the office or on agreed viewing appointments. Consequently, you should also attach a certain importance to centrality when choosing your license area.

Competition factor: How many competitors do you expect as a real estate agent in your license area?

The fewer real estate agents are already active in the relevant market, the more likely it is that owners and search customers will turn to you with their purchase or sale plans. As an Engel & Völkers franchisee, you enjoy comprehensive territorial protection within your license area, so that only you can enjoy the benefits of our franchise system in the relevant region. As you stand out from the rest of the competition with our international brand prestige, our unique system platform and our central advertising measures, you can quickly secure lucrative market shares even in locations with a certain degree of competition.

After weighing up these five factors, you can now assess which license areas are available for your independent start-up in the Engel & Völkers real estate franchise network. If you need further information to make your decision or if you have any questions about the Engel & Völkers franchise offer, please do not hesitate to contact us! You can reach us using our contact form or simply call us on +49 (0) 40 36 13 10. We look forward to working with you soon!

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