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10 ideas to save money on heating bills

Something similar happens every winter. The electricity bill is increased due to heating, and to this, we must add other expenses that come with using fuel, such as gas oil, etc.

To achieve a lower heating bill, there are some guidelines that can be taken into account.

10 interesting tricks to save you money on heating expenses

1. Programming. If homeowners spend only a few hours a day at home, it is not wise to leave the heating on, even at a low temperature. In this case, it is best to program the heater one hour before arriving home in order to have at the right temperature without an extra expense.

2. In many households there are often empty rooms, which are barely used. It does not make much sense to have radiators on in those rooms. It is best to lock the doors or keep them closed.

3. Ventilation. It is good to ventilate the house, but this action can cause heat loss and thus, you will have to use more heating. In order to minimise this cost, it is best to ventilate during the warmest time of the day. Ten or fifteen minutes per room will suffice.

4. Boiler replacements. It may also benefit the homeowner to replace the boiler with a more energy efficient one. An example of this is the modern cogeneration boilers.

5. Bleeding radiators to let the air out. Experts advise to remove the air from the radiators at the beginning of the winter season, at least once a year. By doing this, you will maximise their operation and prevent those small air bubbles from forming.

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6. The right temperature. Around 21 or 22 degrees is an optimum temperature to have the home warmed. An installed thermostat will help maintain the right temperature, and reduce consumption. It is said that, with each degree that we raise the heating, we will also raise the annual bill by 30 or 35 euros.

7. Do not cover radiators. The habit of putting clothes to dry on radiators decreases their action and the temperature they offer us. This increases consumption and heating costs.

8. Doors and windows can be a heat loss channel. A window insulation system can reduce up to 30 per cent of room temperature losses.

9. Servicing the boiler. Maintaining the boiler will get maximum performance from it as well as save you money on electricity.

10. There are many heaters on the market. It is important to spend time analysing each one of them and choosing the one that best suits your needs.

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