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10 reasons why you should study for your MBA in Barcelona

An MBA, or a Masters in Business Administration programme, is the most prestigious international qualification that exists right now in terms of business management. And that's why it makes sense to take your MBA in buzzing Barcelona. The Catalan capital of Barcelona is truly a world city, and within its boundaries you will find 3 of the top 100 internationally rated MBA programmes.

The following are just 10 of the reasons you should study for your MBA in Barcelona:

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1. Your ability to find a job afterwards.

According to the data provided by the business schools offering MBA courses in Barcelona, 86% of students find a suitable position in the first year after graduation. Therefore, in these times of crisis in which access to the labour market can be especially challenging, most of all for young people, an MBA could offer you a competitive edge that others lack.

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2. The Quality of Work

Not only are you likely to find a role quickly once you have completed your MBA, but you will find that these jobs are usually very highly paid. In fact, around 20% of former students found employment whose gross annual salary exceeded EUR 100 000 within 5 years.

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3. Quick payback

Although studying at the IESE, ESADE or EADA - i.e. in any of the 3 top business schools in Barcelona - (which are among the 100 best in the world) is not cheap, in less than five years practically all the students recover their total initial investment. In addition, we must also keep in mind that all of the business schools have a very central location, so students mostly live in the most desirable and dynamic areas of the city such as the Eixample, Les Corts or Zona Alta or Gracia.

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4. Practical Training

Barcelona is home to the headquarters and offices of many of the largest and most successful companies in the world, and many, if not all, of these provide internships and other opportunities for MBA students. Even if students elect not to work for these companies in Barcelona once they have finished their Masters, the experience gained will shine out on any CV.

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5. Leadership

In these business schools, students are trained and prepared to be really motivational future leaders, and are fully encouraged and coached in order to be able to make really important decisions in the future: students are thus given the training and experience necessary to be company heads. Additionally, this quality of leadership is seen in a very good light at job interviews, making this desirable skill one of great importance for any business student.

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6. An Amazing and Meaningful Qualification

Due to the prestige of the business schools in Barcelona, students are sure to receive the best possible training and leave well prepared for the workplace.

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7. International Experience

Barcelona and its international business schools all have schemes that allow students to go abroad for further work opportunities in other countries. Obviously, knowing English is a must in these times, and a good level is required for admission to any MBA programme. However, as these schools are offering the opportunity to learn at third (or further language), it's an opportunity not to be missed.

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8. Networking and Contacts

Both in relation to students' peers - future leaders in the business world - as well as contacts made through business while on the course, students don't just leave with a diploma. Instead, students have every likelihood of leaving their chosen business school with a long list of contacts, which will help enormously when it comes to finding a job, or when they need useful advice from the most respected professionals in the business sector.

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9. An Entrepreneurial attitude

An MBA in Barcelona changes the way students think and problem-solve, and encourages them adapt to new times and never settle for for less. On graduating, students in these schools come prepared both to work for others as well as for themselves.

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10. Foresight

The MBA programmes in Barcelona train students in all matters relating to finance, business, and ultimately the business world, and having this specialised knowledge will enable students to recognise the signals given by the labour market in order to make the best decisions at every moment of her career. This is especially important if one considers the instability that has characterised the economic climate in recent times.

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If, after reading this, you understand the potential benefits to your lifestyle and career that an MBA in Barcelona can offer you, you have probably already begun to take the right path in your career. However, if you live outside the city, or indeed outside of Spain, you will be obliged to rent an apartment or a house for your accommodation during your stay. To help you in this matter, estate agency Engel & Völkers Barcelona offer an extensive list of comfortable properties in the beautiful, historic and central areas of Les Corts, Gracia and Eixample, all of which are located conveniently near the major business schools. If you need any further information on this, please feel free to get in touch.

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