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10 tips to organise your move

It is hard to imagine a more laborious and stressful task than the process of moving house. And, usually, moving house can become something really tedious and unbearable, especially when it is not organised well. We therefore dedicate this article to offer you 10 simple tips about everything related to your move. 

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1. Create a plan

Ideally, a few days before you have to start preparing your move, create a plan for all the tasks that you need to perform. Also, write the date the removal company will be come to take your belongings. This way you will have an action plan in an orderly and meticulous way to prevent unforeseen events.

2. Emergency Kit

Pick up a bag and store your pajamas, towel, a toiletry bag with personal items, a blanket, and a toothbrush. If an emergency arises, you will not be sleeping on the mattress and can groom yourself properly.

3. A trusted moving company

Before hiring a company, check out the Internet for reviews and choose the most reputable firm. 

4. Start packing the least useful items

Every time you have a free moment, start packing those things that you won't be immediately needing such as books and pictures. These basic items can be moved last. 

5. Create an inventory

It is essential to keep things organised for the journey by creating a list of all the items that require moving. Also, label the boxes to identify them later.

6. Rent a van according to your needs

If you do not hire a company, you usually need a van. Make sure you find a large vehicle with adequate loading capacity and keep it for the whole weekend.

7. The price should always be fixed in advance

Whether you hire a company or just rent a van, the final price should be agreed in advance and not vary.

8. Get your items insured

By having insurance you will guarantee that if anything happens to your stuff during transport, you can receive compensation.

9. Look after your furniture

You may find disassembling furniture simple but reassembling it is another matter. So, if you are not sure how to do this, make notes or sketch it on paper. Also do not forget to protect the furniture with the right materials.

10. Upon arrival at your new home

The first is to assemble furniture. If you do, you will discover that everything will gradually fall into place.

In short, nobody likes having to move homes but, generally, it is a symbol of change, improvement and prosperity. So, if you have to deal with this task, do it with optimism and remember to follow these simple tips. You will see how everything becomes much more bearable.

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