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10 tips to prepare your terrace for the summer

Having a house in Gràcia, Eixample or Les Corts is truly a blessing. Your home's outdoor space provides an infinite number of possibilities. Every time the spring or summer arrives, you will want to spend more time on the terrace or balcony, whether to enjoy breakfast, dinner or have drinks with friends. It is for these reasons that the real estate Engel & Völkers Barcelona eagerly want to tell you about the 10 simple tricks that will prepare your terrace for the warmer months. Here they go:

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1. Get rid of all that clutter

When winter is about to arrive, the terrace will no longer be used for obvious reasons, but in reality, people tend to store too much in this space. It is always best to remind yourself that summer is just around the corner and throw away anything that you don't need in order to increase the comfort level of this room. A table, some chairs and plants are practically all you need.

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2. Give your terrace a makeover

No need to invest a lot of time doing up the terrace as a good coat of paint on the walls will usually be enough. However, it would be useful to look at the metal elements, such as those present in the railings and, if necessary, remove rust from them. It is also advisable to apply a layer of varnish on the wooden furniture.

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3. Fix the furniture

If some of your outdoor furniture is damaged due to having been left outside for too long, it is possible to fix them yourself just by dedicating a couple of hours of your time. Simply go to your nearest carpentry store and buy the necessary tools before embarking on such project.

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4. Create an intimate setting

You will typically spend more time on your terrace in summer, so it is appropriate to use some elements that provide greater privacy. If you don't already own a bamboo trellis as an awning, we strongly recommend this as a convenient option. In addition, it will allow you to stay cooler under the heat of the sun and save energy at the same time.

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5. Redistribute space

Comfort and functionality must be the main factors when it comes to decorating your terrace. Therefore, always try to avoid overloading the balcony area with furniture and plants and give priority to your own freedom of movement. Folding furniture can be a great option in this regard.

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6. Use flowers and plants

Flowers and plants must always have a place on the terrace as they give colourful, vitality and dynamism to the décor and make you feel more comfortable when you're spending time in the balcony. Plants and flowers may seem high maintenance at first, but the reality is that there are many types that survive with very little water. Similarly, if you do not have too much space, place them on the balcony rails or hang them on the walls.

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7. Lighting

During the day, you can meet your lighting needs with the sun. However, if you want to spend time on the terrace at night, you will need artificial sources. In this regard we recommend that on less windy days, you opt for candles to propitiate a warmer environment. In any case, it is also desirable to have at least one portable lamp handy whenever you need extra lighting. 

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8. Use textiles in the balcony

Placing textile elements on the terrace is not such a crazy idea. In fact, it is a whole new trend in the world of decoration. For example, a floor mat placed under the chairs and the table is a great solution to give freshness to the area, especially if the chosen colours are white and blue. Also, don't forget to include game pads, chair covers, etc.

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9. Use a fake bird

If you want to repel pigeons from your balcony, try to place a bird or owl figure on the railing. These fake animals will scare off the pigeons for sure.

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10. Pay attention to stains

On many occasions, winter dampness affects the structure of the terrace , so it is advisable to take a look for damp stains in the walls. If you find any, call a professional to advise and remedy the problem.

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In short, prepare your terrace for the arrival of summer with these really simple and quick tasks. This way, you can create an intimate and welcoming environment in which to enjoy the outdoors. In any case , if you wish to live in a house with a balcony or terrace in Zona Alta, Ciutat Vella or in any of the neighbourhoods that we discussed earlier , contact Engel & Völkers real estate Barcelona. We have a large stock of homes for sale and for rent in these areas and are happy to advise on anything you need.

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