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5 aspects that are most valued in a curriculum vitae

When looking for work, a person's CV plays a determining role. If well created, it can be the winning factor in obtaining the job you are seeking. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to its layout and make sure it includes everything from work experience and training to the image you are portraying. Below, we present the five aspects that are most valued in a curriculum vitae.

  • Training: This category includes all the academic training a person has. The higher the academic degree (graduate or postgraduate), the better position one can seek. It is important that the layout includes the start date and the graduation date, the name of the institution, and also the grades obtained. In addition, the name of the last course title must be entered as issued by the training organisation.
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  • Work experience: this is one of the most valued aspects. Sometimes it may be more decisive to have little but specific experience in a particular field (in agreement with what the employer seeks) by showcasing your previous job's responsibilities. If you make a reference to the place where you have worked previously, it is recommended that you indicate (for example, a telephone number).

  • Knowledge in Computer Science: in today's world, the work often revolves around information technology. For this reason, if you have any experience in this area you may be highly valued by the employer. If you have attended any courses, you should mention them in your CV as well as your familiarity with specialised software.

  • Languages: In an increasingly global commerce, language proficiency works to your favour. It promotes communication, extends the expectations and possibilities of a company and shows that you are qualified. If you do not have any knowledge about a second language, it is recommended to take courses and include them in your CV. English is always an important choice, although proficiency in more complex languages ​​such as Chinese or Russian is further appreciated by employers.

  • General Organisation: A well-designed curriculum vitae reflects a well-organised person. Therefore, even if you have little experience, training or different types of experiences but an excellent ability to present what you have, it will reflect the quality and modality of the work that a person is capable of. Neglecting this aspect can, consequently, have negative results when it comes to seeking and obtaining a job.
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