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A committed leader's 6 essential roles

Being a leader is not just about leading a group of people. Leadership is only effective when the staff members accept that the person in charge will make the most convenient recommendations and take appropriate actions. This conveys the message that everyone shares the same ideas and the same goals.

In addition, the leader must show his or her absolute commitment to the cause, because only transmitting the company values clearly to the work team can be decisive in order to achieve the mission. The committed leader must achieve what is proposed and guide the rest of the company towards those goals. For this, it must have a series of qualities or take on new roles.

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  • Communicator and good speaker. The committed leader has to know how to convey their thoughts clearly, persuasively and suggestively so that the team takes the message without ambiguities. That necessarily implies the ability to show a contagious enthusiasm for the rest of the employees.

  • Resolution and decision-making. The team expects a leader to make decisions when problems arise and to do so effectively and immediately. Your role as a committed leader forces you to be aware of your decision and take responsibility for it, but you must make decisions without hiding from the possible consequences.

  • Efficient organiser. The leader is required to have a thorough understanding of what the business entails and, as such, has to be able to manage the available resources. The feeling of having everything under control and being able to react to future problems is an important asset in the committed leader.

  • Charismatic leader. The committed leader does not impose himself on others, but rather his own role makes him stand out above all of them. You must be skilled in the art of attraction that allows you to attract the team and make the best of each member, for the benefit of the company itself.

  • Discipline and authority. The committed leader bases his accomplishments on his ability to convince, but if the time is right, his role must turn to a solid and disciplined stance that makes use of his natural authority. Showing weakness in situations that require discipline is not a good way to lead the group.

  • Honesty is no stranger to leadership. Rather, it is an ethical value that should not only be part of the natural role of the committed leader, but should be explicitly displayed to all team members. Only then will they follow with the confidence that the leader will not abandon them halfway.
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