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A stroll around Barcelona's theatres

Barcelona,​​also known as Ciudad Condal, is a prestigious city with many historic monuments and charming streets. 
In the town centre you can find many buildings that tell a story of their own. A very interesting aspect of this city is the large number of prestigious theatres in which the works of great classics are represented. In this article we offer a stroll through the various theatres in Barcelona, ​​with a brief description of their history as well as the types of shows performed in each one.

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Gran Teatro del Liceo

Liceo, located in Rambla, is the most prestigious theatre in Barcelona. Despite suffering two fires (the first in 1861 and the second in 1994), this old building has not lost its beauty and charm that characterise it. The Liceo, admired as one of the most important theatres in the world, specialises in opera performance, having performed very prestigious works such as La Traviata and Macbeth by Verdi or Carmen by Georges Bizet.

Photo: Gran Teatre del Liceu © Wikipedia

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Teatro Nacional de Cataluña (TNC)

This theatre, located on Arts Plaza, was opened in 1996 and has three rooms with different capacities. In TNC there are many performances for all kinds of occasions, mainly in Catalan language, although in recent years it has been decided to promote the Catalan theatrical heritage, dedicating each season to an author or genre with a high artistic quality but at the same time can be present in the theatre scene for various functions. Some of the works that have been shown at the National Theatre of Catalonia (Teatro Nacional de Cataluña) include Primera història d'Esther de Salvador Salvador Espriu or L'auca del Esteve de Santiago Rusiñol.

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Teatre Lliure (Teatro Libre)

Teatre Lliure was created in 1976 and is located in two different places in Barcelona: on the one hand, on Montjuïc it has one large and one small room, and Gràcia has an average sized room. This theatre is one of the most important theatres in Spain as far as music and dance are concerned. In addition to external representations, artists who have toured Europe and America show off their talents in the Teatro Libre. 

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Teatro Condal

Opened in 1903, Teatro Condal is located in Paralelo Avenue. This is where you can see anything from circus exhibitions, cinema, to theatrical performances. The performances such as Club de la Comedia in Teatro Condal vary in style and attract audiences from all over the world. These shows are held every Saturday with an offering of gospel music and other popular performances. 

Teatro Poliorama

This theatre has been functioning since its very first opening in 1899 up until 1982 when it was turned into a cinema, and from that year back as a theatre. In addition, from 1937 to 1939 it was named as Catalan Comedy Theatre (Teatro Catalán de la Comedia). Located in La Rambla de Barcelona, ​​in this theatre, famous shows such as La Fam de Joan Oliver, The Taming of Shakespeare or The Devil's Disciple by George Bernard Shaw are represented.

Teatro Romea

Teatro Romea is located in the Raval district and specialises in the representation of theatrical performances. It was built in 1863 and fully renovated in 1913. Many plays from highly prestigious Catalan authors like Guimerà, Ignasi Iglésias or Santiago Rusiñol have premiered here. Some of these theatrical performances are: Mar i cel Guimerà, El cor del poble of Ignasi Iglesias and cronic malalt Rusiñol.

Teatro Victoria

This theatre, located in Paralelo Avenue, opened in 1905, plays very different genres and performances. An interesting fact about the Teatro Victoria is that during the reconstruction of Gran Teatre del Liceu after the 1994 fire, it was home to the shows that were supposed to be represented during those seasons. Among all the shows, some plays that premiered at Teatro Victoria are: The Golconda Treasure by Rafael Millán, La Giralda Jose Padilla or Katiuska Paul Sorozábal.

In short, Barcelona is a city in which there are many prestigious national and international plays are shown on a daily basis. These performances have been staged in some of the most famous and important theatres in the history of Catalonia and Spain, having received lots of celebrities from other parts of the world. These historical buildings, which could also be called monuments are a must for those travelling to Barcelona and interested in learning about the different aspects of the performing arts industry.

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