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A tour of the best markets in Barcelona

Barcelona is a beautiful city with great traditions and places to visit, and markets are certainly one of them. Each district has a market which offers virtually everything that you need, but today we will highlight some of the best ones that you should know about if you intend to visit or live in the city.

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San José Market - La Boquería

Better known as La Boqueria market, it is located in Barcelona's famous Rambla. This is a beautiful tourist attraction in the capital of Catalonia. It is the largest city and offers the most varied fresh foods in over 300 stalls or stops distributed over an area of ​​2583 sqm.

This market was opened in 1840, and although it is covered, its origins are outdoors where hawkers, village farmers and farmsteads usually offer their products and services.

Boqueria was built on what formerly used to be a convent. During the third decade of the eighteenth century anticlerical riots burned the convent, which as a result was demolished. Later, a square ( currently the largest in Barcelona), where the market is temporarily placed, ended up being its final location.

Over the years it has become a popular place for tourists to enjoy the most exotic and varied offers from countries such as Japan, Greece and Arab countries in general, although locals and foodies regularly meet in its halls in order to enjoy unique quality food.

Santa Caterina Market

A picturesque market that stands in the heart of Sant Pere district, Santa Caterina i la Ribera, Ciutat Vella district. Its structure was built in the early '40s, on a former convent, which inherited its name.

Between 1997 and 2004, its structure suffered the most significant changes: a colourful exterior with wavy patterns, inspired by the artist Gaudi trencadís. This market features a range of different types of foods: meats, vegetables, fruits, spices, flour and pasta, vegetables, seafood, and other superb quality products that pervade the whole place, delighting everyone with their characteristic aromas.

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La Princesa Market 

Not all market owners try to push crowds of people into buying products. Have you ever imagined enjoy a great gastronomic offer in a market with medieval style? La Princesa Market is just the perfect place to sit with loved ones and enjoy the most exquisite flavours. Located in the Born neighbourhood, Carrer dels Flassaders Street, it is an ideal site for lovers of good food. 

There are 16 different proposals for foodies: Traditional, Asian, avant-garde food, accompanied by highly competitive prices. While it is not a very large place, the variety in food and medieval-style stone walls create such a lovely atmosphere, which makes it impossible not to turn up for a get-together.

Photo © Marcat de la Princesa

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San Antonio Market

Whenever the larger markets in Barcelona are mentioned, it is mandatory to mention the Mercat de Sant Antoni, which has an area of ​​5,214 sqm. It opened in 1882 in Carrer Comte d'Urgell, its structure is built on a Greek cross, which is a cross with four equally sized arms.

This market not only offers quality food, but it is also a perfect place to buy clothes, collectibles and other types of supplements. Although it has a large influx of buyers that come four days a week, it is still not as touristy, making it a much quieter place. 

Stamps, coins, magazines, CDs, books, clothes and much more can be purchased: on Sundays all kinds of products are sold by different stalls. 

Photo © Xavier Caballe (Flickr)

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La Concepción Market

This market was designed by Antoni Rovira, who was responsible for designing the San Antonio Market and was inaugurated in 1888 in the district of Eixample Aragó. It covers an area of ​​4,010 sqm of which half the space is occupied by stalls offering wide gastronomic offers.

This place, offers a delivery service directly to your door as you can order your shopping from the comfort of your own home. With a wrought iron frame and glass exterior, as well as a basement that you can safely park your car in, this is an ideal market for shopping lovers. 

Fruits, vegetables, fresh meats, and even flowers can be bought 24 hours a day. This market has become one of the most important markets in the entire Barcelona.

Photo © Wikipedia

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Mercado del Ninot

It is an emblematic Renaissance style municipal market with iron architecture of the nineteenth century located in the city of Barcelona. This market, once remodeled, reopened its doors on Tuesday May 19. It is located in Mallorca street, it has renovated the interior and changed the cover. The stops have won 4 meters deep and were able to incorporate cold rooms, workrooms and areas for tasting their products.

It has about 4,000 square meters intended for sale, which houses 48 food and 33 stalls of other products, as well as a Mercadona. It has a 105 paces for parking.

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If you visit Barcelona,​​live here or are planning to move to this beautiful city, we invite you to contact the Real Estate Engel & Völkers Barcelona to rent or buy an apartment that's located very close to any of these markets in order to fully enjoy the whole experience offered.

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